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Vitamin D - help please!

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  • Vitamin D - help please!

    I just got labs back the other day and my Vit D level was very low: 15

    My doctor told me to supplement with 2,000 IU daily for one month and then lower it to 1,000 IU daily.

    #1 this seems like a really low dose compared to what I see recommended in many articles about replenishing a D deficiency. I am thinking about the 5,000-10,000 IU range. Thoughts?

    #2 I have been taking a dry D3 the past couple of days because I had it and since I need to take quite a bit of it, I am suspicious of the potential rancidity of the oils in the gel caps. I have been taking them after my morning coconut oil and with my calcium and fish oil (good quality, non rancid) and the 2nd dose with a dinner containing fat, and my stomach has not dealt with it well the past 2 days. I have had stomach cramping and the runs. Has anyone tried D3 in liquid/drop form? Is it easier on the stomach?

    If I can find a good quality drop that is not seed oil based, I can get 5,000 IU in just a couple of drops. It seems this would be less likely to irritatemy gut than 5 pills but I don't know.

    Thoughts, opinions, suggestions all welcome! Thanks.

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    My blood work around xmas had my Vit D at ~12. I got this:

    Solgar Liquid Vitamin D3 - 5000 IU per serving.

    My latest labs had my Vit D at 42. I would say I remember to take it 3-4 times a week...

    it is seed oil based - sunflower seed oil. But, you are taking 1 mL - so 1/15 of a tbsp. I think someone once mentioned an olive oil based Vit D... maybe they'll chime in here.


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      I would take 1 mL of seed oil a day over these symptoms! Do you take 5,000 IU when you take it? Any stomach issues? Thanks!


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        I have never responded to Vitamin D like that. Is the coconut oil new to you? That is a more common association I have seen (coconut oil + runs) around here (and experienced!).

        I supplemented 10,000 IU daily for 3-4 months, then 8,000 IU daily for about 2 months, now down to 6,000 IU daily. My levels went from 23 at last reading in July, to 59 this past Monday. My doctor claims the newest recommended levels are 40-50, but I've always read 70 in the summertime, and 40 in the winter.

        A liquid/drop form IS oil based. Vitamin D is fat soluble so it must come in that form for best absorption. Mine is olive oil based.
        Vitacost Vitamin D Drops -- 2000 IU per serving - 1 fl oz - Vitacost
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          My doctor told me to take 20,000 IU a day, and my level was 26. 3 months later, my D level has not increased, dispite my 20,000iu a day, and increased sun exposure.


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            Jimmy, there must be something else going on with you that is preventing absorption (unless the supplement is of poor quality, is it a liquid form and are you taking it with fats?). Is it also D3? That is the one you want. Have you had problems with IBS or gluten intolerance? Are you still eating grains/processed foods?
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              Nameless wonder: I actually have that in my vitacost cart! Was waiting for feedback about if a liquid would be easier on my stomach. I have been eating coconut oil on and off for about 3 years so I am well accustomed to it. The dry D3 supplements are the only change and it sounds like diarrhea is a fairly common side effect with larger doses. I am glad you haven't had issues with the drops....that gives me hope!


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                Jimmy - I agree with nameless. Something is not right if your levels are still stuck. I hope it can be figured out so you can get back into a healthy range!


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                  I take the Nature's Answer D3 drops in olive oil. 4000 units of D3 per serving which is two very small drops. I had severe D3 deficiency that I could not correct for over a year. I switched to this stuff and my levels went up to normal in a couple months. It is great stuff.

                  I get mine from

                  ETA: you may want to consider taking vitamin K2 and magnesium while you are increasing your D3 levels. Your body needs more of both once you start getting some D3.
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                    I take one D3 supplement as a pill daily. 5,000 IUs. There's additional D3 in my multi and when I take a magnesium/calcium supplement, to say nothing of when I go outside without sunblock.

                    Speaking of K, where the heck can I find that? None of the stores near me seem to carry it. :\
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                      Since it's summer, you may be able to get enough sun to help. UvB can be filtered out of sunlight by the atmosphere when the sun is too low in the sky. Use the table at Sun or Moon Altitude/Azimuth Table. Altitude must be above 50 in order to get significant UvB. start small and work up to 15 -20 min every day or so. Maybe a bit more if you are dark skinned. No sunscreen.



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                        I am sold on the drops! They seem to increase levels reasonably fast. I take mag but my multi doesn't have K in it. I eat lots of veggies but from what I have read, that's mostly K1. Will check vitacost for K2. Jammies: any idea off hand in terms of how much K2 to take?


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                          Thanks Tercio. Handy tool, that! I am pretty good about getting sun daily but will try to add a bit more.


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                            Taking Vit D in mass doses every few days is more beneficial and is more easily absorbed than taking the same amount every day, day in day out. There are liquid pills out there that use flax seed oil as the stablizer (Natural Factors) so by taking these, you're getting the added benefit of the Omega 3's in the flax seed.

                            I take 30 000 IU's every 3 days. I've never had any side effects. BTW people with darker skin will need to supplement with more Vit D because the body is protected from the sun better. My wife takes 30 000 IU's every 3 days as well and she's half my size.
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                              Iron Will....that is interesting. I will consider that. I'm sure this will be a months long process! I could see taking the D that is in my multi, cod liver oil and calcium every day, then using the drops for mega doses. Something else for me to research. Thanks!