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Nutrition advice for 'skinny-fats'?

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  • Nutrition advice for 'skinny-fats'?


    I guess I'm what they call a 'skinny-fat', looking quite skinny with my clothes on, but having some love handles and man boobies when seen naked.

    Since turning +- paleo several weeks ago and doing my BP Fitness exercises I lost 4 kgs (from 73kg down to 69kg @ 1m78) and gained some muscles. But I seem to be stalling, especially body fat wise. The love handels and moobies don't seem to really melt that much ... the latter actually maybe even becomme bigger because of the chest muscles (due to push-ups etc).

    Any advice or are these just luxury problems?


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    The biggest changes you have to make are in the weight room to correct that.

    Overhead Presses
    Calf Raises

    Those are the 7 exercises you want to do.

    For nutrition, eat more protein. If you're skinny-fat you probably have trouble building muscle, so don't be shy with the meat portions. Leaner meats over fattier meats may be a good idea since you have to burn through dietary fat to use stored fat. I'm not saying suffer through London broil and chicken breast, but a sirloin steak or a pork loin is a better option than a ribeye or spare ribs. Moderate fat/moderate to high protein/lower carb on more sedentary days with lower fat/moderate to high protein/moderate to high carbohydrate meals immediately after a heavy weight session may help you correct this faster.
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      Thanks for your advice, ChocoTaco!

      The thing is that I would like to exercise without having to go to a gym/weightroom (just like PB Fitness suggests). Right now I'm doing the pushups, pullups, squats and planks that Mark recommends 2-3x a week. I've added standing lunges to the mix. But maybe I can also add some dumbbell exercises.

      As for nutrition, my day currently looks somewhat like this:

      Morning: a Primal Fuel equivalent (since I can't get PF shipped to my place) mixed with a bit of half-fat milk, water and some fruit like berries (and sometimes half a banana) and a latte macchiato (without sugar).
      Lunch: either a 'normal' meal where I leave the carbs aside or a salad with eggs and bacon (and a ready made vinaigrette which is probably not ideal ...) and water as a drink.
      Evening: on most evenings I cook myself, combining meat, chicken or fish with fresh vegetables (no legumes), using paleo recipes. Afterwards some fruit (a pear, an apple or some more berries). Sometimes one piece of dark chocolate. Water as a drink.

      I know that's only +- paleo ... but I'm trying to balance healthy food with still being able to be a bit of a 'bon-vivant', old habits die hard I guess I probably have to become more hardcore though if I want to get a better body fat percentage? I'm not interested in becoming super low body fat though!