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Strange reaction to kelp

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  • Strange reaction to kelp

    I started taking kelp tablets a few days ago as I suspected I was low in iodine. I take one tablet a day of Solgar North Atlantic kelp - a reputable brand in the UK. The first day I took it I felt terrible - achy, headache, very tired. I felt like I was coming down with 'flu. I didn't relate it to the kelp though and continued to take it. After a day or two of similar symptoms I began to suspect the kelp so I Googled 'reaction to kelp' and found this article in which it states:

    "Iodine ingestion will replace, displace or push out of the body other halogens such as fluorides, bromides, bromates and chlorides and other chlorine compounds. Occasionally this could cause nausea or other symptoms. These are purely temporary and are healing reactions, not 'allergies to iodine' or to kelp."


    "Most people are low in iodine, and when one begins to take more of it, occasionally there are changes in the body that are probably healing in nature, but which can cause symptoms that are easy to mistake for allergic reactions. These may include stomach upset, headaches, irritability and many others."

    My symptoms seem to be subsiding now and after reading this I'll continue to take the kelp. Interesting though, and definitely worth knowing if you're thinking of supplementing with iodine or kelp. Anyone else had a similar reaction?

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    yeah, at the beginning i'd have what felt like a weak cold. sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, etc

    it stopped within a few weeks
    yeah you are

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      I got a migraine kind of headache a week or so after I started supplementing with Kelp tablets (and I never have headaches normally). But it only lasted for two days and after that I haven't had any issues. I keep taking it, hoping the iodine in them do me good!

      I also eat either some brazil nuts, mussels, eggs and/or liver daily, since selenium cooperate with iodine to thyroid health.
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