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  • Liver questions

    OK, I'm gonna attempt liver for the first time tonight. Had the choice in the supermarket between chicken or pig... chose the chicken liver. (Non-organic/non-pastured ). I don't know if this was a good choice (in terms of nutrients) but the smaller, darker livers looked less frightening than the larger pig liver!

    I'm planning on adding it into a curry, with some bacon and a nice NZ steak in there to hopefully disguise the flavor a bit.

    Not exactly authentic India cuisine (steak-bacon-liver marsala) but there we go. LOL

    I've got my liver marinading in milk as we speak (it reduces the liver taste?) and I plan on cooking it quite quickly because it was so soft and light! It literally fell apart to a mush when I was cutting it into pieces. (I could see it being eaten as sashimi... almost... *gag* LOL)

    One other thing... just what the hell are those things attached to the livers that look like kalamata olives? And, should I cook those as well?
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    Chicken liver has a very mild taste and requires no soaking. Google chicken liver recipes. I find it is always best to use traditional recipes rather than making anything up

    BTW, I had a very lightly grilled whole fish liver last night. Very mild - neither fishy nor livery. Went well with the heart
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      Liver is Liver, it has a distinctive taste & texture, but not foul or gagging, I love them, but I have had them since childhood.
      Generally I just marinate it in a bit of olive oil, garlic and some thyme or oregano for a few hours, then I brown some onions and lightly stir fry any vegi's you might want, then put those aside and chuck the livers in the pan, fry them for around 15 min, just cut one to see it is cooked through. I usually rest them for 5-10 min like steak, then serve up and dig in, even though they are really soft raw, they will hold together and are actually quite firm when cooked.
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        My wife fries pig liver and we have it with bacon, fried onion and vegetables. I like both pig's and lamb's but she thinks lamb liver is too strong tasting.
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          I find liver too difficult to cut up when raw so I cook it first then cut it up after. I never do anything to it. Just fry it up in a pan. Maybe add onions to the pan and salt. Not sure what those olive things in the chicken liver are. I have only seen that once and thought maybe it shouldn't be there. I usually eat cow liver. Big slabs of delicious liver. It's good when still a little pink inside.
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            I cook the chicken liver some and then chop it up in the pan with the spatula to make it more bite size. I add onions, peppers, tomato and spices. Cumin does very nice. when cooked, I remove from the pan an fry some eggs in the juices and add it to the liver. nummies for the tummies.
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              OK, was very surprised to find out that it didn't taste too bad. I didn't cook it too much so it didn't go all tough and rubbery like my Mum's used to... (ew how horrid that was).

              Mixed in with some steak and bacon, onions and gravy, and I'd say I didn't even know I was eating liver!

              The kalamata thing attached to each liver, according to Google, is the spleen. I was a bit afraid of it this time, so fed it to my cats, but next time I'll include that as well.
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