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Wedding ring finger syndrome

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  • Wedding ring finger syndrome


    I guess my first post should be to introduce myself - but hope to get around to that later! Suffice to say, love the site, the book, and have lost around 9kg already (6 weeks), and gained other health benefits.

    The biggest demonstration for me of the power of paleo / primal, was not inches around my waist, but millimeters around my wedding ring finger. Sounds strange, but let me explain!

    I went from 95kg to 86kg over a 18 month period, trying to eat healthier and organic, smaller portion sizes, and avoiding processed stuff and 'sweet treats'. But i plateaued at 86kg. When i started PB, i went from 86kg to 77kg in 6 weeks, with no calorie counting (in fact i was eating like a horse).

    One day in work, I bent over to pick something up, and my wedding ring fell off my finger! In fact, i could almost move it up and down without touching the skin. Immediately I recalled that when i got married 7 years ago, i was less weight than today (about 75kg then). But the wedding band was always tight. In fact in hot weather it was uncomfortable!

    This was my Eureka Moment - there is definitely something to this primal malarkey!

    Clear demonstration that the pasta and breads and other stuff - despite me thinking they were healthy - were causing bloatedness and inflammation. After all, lots of diets and lifestyles can cause weight loss in terms of inches on the waist - but THIS was clear proof of deeper changes.

    Have any of you experienced something similar? i find it so bizarre that my fingers can have so drastically altered in 6 weeks...

    Or do you have a similar Eureka Moment?
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    Yes, my ring fell off twice before I switched to a cheap silver ring. Waiting out the next year, will resize it when I'm sure I'm done shrinking.
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      My engagement ring is half a size smaller than my wedding band. It quite literally holds my wedding band on, since my wedding band can't be resized (tungsten carbide.)
      My eureka moment was damn near losing a pair of shoes walking up the stairs at work because my feet have shrunk (not exactly wonderful when you were a size 6 normal and went a size 5.5-6 narrow.)
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        My wedding band slipped off my finger in October, after two months of being primal. Unfortunately, I had no idea when it slipped off, and I couldn't find it. Finally got a replacement wedding band in February.

        And...found the original band in March. (It had slipped off when I was cleaning in my son's bedroom. Found it when I did my quarterly What's Under This Pile Of Stuff? cleanup in his room.)

        So now I have two wedding rings!
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          What also makes the ring come off is that you become hotter to the point that you can do better than your spouse, so you move on.


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            I know what you mean! My extremities seem to be much leaner than on previous diets and at a lower total body weight. I also have more veins showing on my arms and legs. Still have some of the fat, but it's on the typical tough spots. I think it has something to do with reduced inflammation and being lower carb (less bloating).
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              Crohn's, doing SCD


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                haha, sarcasm of course!


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                  i thought this was going to be about getting hit on by singles in bars because you are wearing a wedding band and considered "safe." lol.
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                    haha, sarcasm of course! But with a grain of truth in some cases I am sure.


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                      I've already resized my wedding ring down a band. And I think I need to do it again (I can fit a pen between the ring and my finger). But I want to wait a little bit more.
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                        Haha, I just wrote in my journal that today, for the first time in many years, I'm actually wearing my wedding and engagement rings. They've been too tight to fit until now! It's not all about fat loss, either - I lose very slowly. It's been about losing the puffiness. I'm so damned happy today - and it's fun to write about it twice
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                          My ring was too big when I originally got it. I've been surprised it hasn't become even looser than when I first got it.
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                            Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
                            What also makes the ring come off is that you become hotter to the point that you can do better than your spouse, so you move on.
                            unless you're both into it together ; )

                            but yes made me laugh!
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                              Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
                              What also makes the ring come off is that you become hotter to the point that you can do better than your spouse, so you move on.
                              Dude. Yes.