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  • How to get the ball rolling?

    Hey all,
    I have recently started eating primaly again. My first efforts was after I was eating clean (eat-clean diet) and had become quite happy with my weight, I then started eating primal and was super excited about the additional weight loss. I hadn't prepared myself for it though, because it always felt hard and I started eating poorly again. So here I am 3 weeks into eating primaly, I have prepared myself for it a lot more, and am exercising as well. I give myself one cheat meal or day a week and all the other days I eat primally. So far I haven't seen any changes at all. I know that it is a process, but I am wondering if there are any tips to speed up the process and get the ball rolling so I can see results at a faster rate? I want to fit my clothes!! Help!

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    Don't cheat until you are closer to your goals. I have had a big cheat once, (pizza) about 3 months in and it derailed my progress. If I hadn't been as in tune with my body as I was being 3 months and 20+ lbs down, I would not have known how much it hurt me. Cheating weekly from the get go doesn't allow you time to really shift yourself into fat burning and it doesn't allow you time to understand what is working or not for you. The only "questionable" not really Paleo things I had in those first 3 months were a few squares of dark chocolate every few days, a very occasional glass of red wine, and raw cream in my coffee. Now that I am where I wanting to be weight wise I am focusing more on fitness and hoping that will help with the jiggle on the back of my thighs and the little pooch in my lower belly. I think women have to do this more strictly then men. My husband is shaving off the fat and he eats an entire Costco jar of Maranatha Almond butter a week, fruit at will, a crap ton of dark chocolate. If I ate what he was I would be back to where I started in no time.


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      1. Stop cheating, at least for the time being until you see some progress. By that I mean stop allowing yourself 20%. Aim for 100% and accept that the 20% will happen when you have to eat away from home or can't find optimal ingredients.

      2. This isn't a diet. Its certainly not a weight loss program. Every other weight loss program out there has built in "how much can I get away with and not feel like I'm on a diet" strategies. You can't cheat if you're not on a diet. Primal doesn't work that way.

      3. Have some patience. Women carry fat differently than men and we usually don't see instant results.

      4. Stop weighing yourself. There are other ways to measure the benefits of a primal lifestyle. Read THIS and THIS.

      5. Have you read the book? Or at least clicked on the Start Here tab at the top of the page?
      *My obligatory intro

      There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo