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  • Big mistake!

    I have been eating Primal since the end of April, no cheats. Yesterday there was a big family dinner in honour of our neice and her new baby visiting from New Zealand, and the food was not primal. It was amazingly delicious, but so not primal! I ate and enjoyed, who wouldn't on such an occasion, but today I have abdominal cramps, a headache and I feel so tired and sluggish I can barely make it down stairs!

    Never ever again!

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    Ouch! Hehe.
    What did the non-primal food consist of?
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      Rice, potato salad, pastry based fish dish, breadcrumb covered chicken dish (lots of wonderful spices), cake, chocolate, chocolate cake.......

      I know I could have eaten the fish and left the pastry but a: it didn't seem the time for being picky with my food and b: it was on my plate and I wanted to eat it


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        Originally posted by Ukprimalchick View Post
        Rice, potato salad, pastry based fish dish, breadcrumb covered chicken dish (lots of wonderful spices), cake, chocolate, chocolate cake.......
        Could just be a stomach bug and coincidence that you ate non primal.
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          LOL, I wasn't even going to post this because I didn't want to be one of those "OMGIateacrackeramIgoingtodie" people, BUT... on friday -- after a completely grain free week -- I experimented and ate a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. On purpose. It was yummy! By 9pm my belly stuck out past my boobs and I looked 6months pregnant. No amount of good posture and sucking it in could flatten it. Watching TV on the couch later, I could actually *hear* and feel the gas bubbles moving around. The next morning my bathroom visit was, how do I put it....intense.

          My work takes me away from home about one weekend a month, and its a set menu. There's enough on the buffet to eat around the grains, but sometimes a girl wants a piece of pumpkin spice cake or the to-die-for fruit crumble. And I haven't asked what they use to thicken the Coconut Curry Thai Chicken soup. I don't sweat it. I know the more non-primal I eat that weekend, the longer it will take my system to recover.

          My point is, you're not imagining the effects. Until you stop eating grains and start feeling great, you have no idea how crappy you felt before. And it does't take much to remind you
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            Last time I ate flour on a chicken fried steak I began belching an hour later and awoke the next morning with my eyes puffy.

            I just wish I'd known this about wheat/grains a long time ago. When I was a kid I always seemed to be stuffed up during winter (was even put on meds at one point but quit because they didn't let me sleep at night). Then later I developed this chronic need to clear my throat and have had that for a least 35 years. Since going primal/paleo that chronic need has cleared up.
            Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?


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              Every time I venture off of Primal for a cheat day or whatnot, I always regret it. I always feel like crap the next day.


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                I can eat some cheat, I had no effect from a large chocolate brownie or 3 but a pint of good apple cider or a horn of mead and whoo man you can hear the belly thunder across the room. A toasted bagel was a cheat a few weeks ago and yeah bleah the next day. I suspect I am more reactive to sugar in my diet than to other carbs.
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                  I'm much better today. This was no stomach bug, it didnt resemble a stomach bug. It was just too much wrong food. I enjoyed it a lot at the time but it wasn't something to try again anytime soon.

                  Chocolate brownies....mmmm there has to be a way to make them Primal