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How do I tell if I have converted to fat-burning?

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  • How do I tell if I have converted to fat-burning?

    Hey everyone,

    Most of the stuff I read on IF says I shouldn't try this until my body has made the leap to fat-burning instead of relying on carbs to keep me going. What are some signs or things to look for to know my body has made the switch?


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    My non-scientific answer, I noticed it first thing after waking up. Less cloudy headed, more mentally acute when I first climb out of the bed. The more keto-adapted you are, the less distinct your "just woke up" feeling will be from your afternoon feeling. I also didn't have the afternoon "after lunch crash", energy stayed steady throughout the day. The less acute your "swings" are, the more fat-adapted you are, all other things being equal. Easiest way to check..... start extending time between meals and see how you feel. If you keep rocking without a crash (although you may get a stomach roll), good chance you're keto adapted enough for IF. If not, you'll be exercising that ability and improving your results the next time.
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      I would say when you can tell you won't care if you miss your next meal or not. Just my 2 cents.


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        I started skipping breakfast only four days after starting paleo. Honestly, it was a relief for me. I have never been big on breakfast, but always ate it because you are supposed to. I feel sooo much better now! In five short days of only eating between about noon and 8 pm, I have more energy and less cravings than I ever have. I am overweight and I guess I am burning through my fat stores. Kinda cool, huh??