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I am hungry all the time!!!

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    I had the same problem when I started. My body/brain didn't change until about 8 months into it.
    Surprisingly, I lost about 20 lbs during those first 8 months of primal binging....odd, but true.


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      I can echo the temporary phase view. For the first three months even, I had to have snacks of nuts, fruits, veggies, and even some dark chocolate to stay satiated. But after that period of time, I rarely feel ravenously hungry any more.


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        Originally posted by Classic View Post
        When first starting I would stay away from fruit also for the first couple of weeks. Fruit generates hunger in me since it is a big sugar zing.
        Try using coconut butter etc. as others have mentioned to help get past the sweet urges. It really helps because it has a slightly sweet taste and is rich and creamy.
        Also make sure you are getting lots of fat. Butter or ghee, eat the skin on the chicken. Eat fatty pork chops and brisket. yummmmm Lots of butter on those veggies.

        What they said. I am also fairly new to this and have discovered that high sugar fruits tend to make me crave-y and feel run down. The dried fruit is really pretty much natural candy, so I would really avoid that.


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          I've been on a Primal Diet for six days and I'm hungry a lot more than I used to be and that surprises me given what I'm eating. I'm also losing weight at rate of 5 pounds a week. So my conclusion is that I need to give it more time and I need to increase calories even further. I don't mind a three pound a week loss, I could use it. But I'll track for a couple of weeks and then make adjustments in week 3. I've also increased my running mileage and realize that can affect my hunger too. I'm burning about 2600 calories a week running.