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  • Headaches

    Been primal for about a month. Usually between 50-100 carbs. I be been getting headache lately. Starving my brain without carbs?


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    Could you give a detailed sample of what you would eat and drink on a typical day. Also your stats.


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        Sorry, what do you mean by "stats"?

        3 eggs and 3 strips of bacon for breakfast. Salad with left over chicken for lunch and a breast of chicken with vegetables for supper is usually what I have. I am thinking of making my breakfast bigger. I also have protein shakes. It's supper time here (5pm)
        And so far I have only consumed 35 g of carbs. I am thinking of adding more fruit to get it a bit higher easier?


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          I never have the headaches, even when I consume less than 20 grams of carbs, but then again, I consume large amounts of fat which probably makes up for it. I'd up the fat in your diet and see if that doesn't help first.
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            Originally posted by Kingofturtles View Post
            Sorry, what do you mean by "stats"?
            Gender, age, weight and activity level. It'll help tailor responses appropriately. Also, aside from bacon, where are you getting your fat from?

            I have suffered from crippling migraines for the majority of my very late teens and throughout the entirety of my 20's. Reasoning, low-fat diet. When I started eating primal, I significantly increased my fat intake. On the days that I have eaten lower fat (around 40% calories from fat), I tend to wake up with a headache (not migraine) the following day. I sincerely believe that my migraines were directly correlated with too low of a fat intake level. I would suggest you take a look at your fat level.

            I find over 50% calories from fat seems to be the magic number for me. I no longer track, but I make sure that I get lots of fat in. Can't guarantee that this will help, but you may want to look into it a bit more.
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              Lots of things can cause headaches. If it is in any manner due to low carb just increasing your sodium does the trick (like a teaspoon a day), but your carbs aren't really that low. Sufficient calories from fat also, like previous posters said.

              Have you had recent neck or head injury? Where are the headaches? Are they getting progressively more frequent or worse? Are you on any medications or supplements? Any other health conditions? Whats your age, sex, weight, height? Activities?

              All that would go into deciphering your cause.


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                Any new foods that you could be sensitive to?

                Sleeping well?


                Thirsty and drinking a whole lot of water? That can throw off your electrolyte balance.

                I (used to) get migraines ALL the time. Seriously about once a week and they last for 3 days. I started taking magnesium and that helped tremendously. Not saying yours are migraines, just that they're fairly common and magnesium can be an easy fix.


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                  I would start by adding fluids, sea salt, and magnesium.

                  If you don't have a specific reason to be super low carb, then adding primal carbs won't hurt.
                  Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )