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Farmer's Market bounty! (and a squash blossom question)

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  • Farmer's Market bounty! (and a squash blossom question)


    Kale, beets (roasting and freezing because they were such a good deal), basil, squash blossoms, onions, garlic, tomato, raspberries, blueberries, free range eggs, 1 free range chicken and 4 pounds of grass fed and finished ground beef.

    I already have salad greens and zucchini and also have 3 pounds of all natural (uncured, no antibiotics or hormones, organic fed but not grass fed) bacon that I am going to cook off so I will have lots of bacon and bacon grease. I am going to clarify 5 pounds of butter to make a big batch of ghee to cook with as well. I like mixing it with coconut oil for a milder flavor in some dishes.

    I think I am set for a week of delicious eating though may have to hit the Wednesday market for more veg…..we'll see.

    I have never cooked squash blossoms but I was thinking lightly sautéed with some garlic, salt and pepper? Any better ideas?