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What is it, why my fear of doing right?

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  • What is it, why my fear of doing right?

    In medias res as i don't find a good introduction and my written english has suffered the last few years.
    I reached an very depressing high of 125kg about 3 years ago, that was exactly two times my weight i had in school (i was allways loving meat as a kid and what else do you need to grow up than meat and a few vegetables). Fun fact about that was, actually i was trying to lose weight. Ok actually i was thinking about trying to loose weight, but i couldn't bother somehow.

    So i had this 125 kg on my 1m81 and did knew about the paleo diet, actually it allways made more sense to me than Austrian standard diet. But i wasn't ready to go there. So i went on LCHF and actualy lost 13kg to 112kg the first month. Yay it's great beeing a guy.
    But my girlfriend didn't like it. Ok me getting a better Body maybe but allthough she was also loosing weight she disliked my cooking with much cream and meat. And i love meat Steak never gets old can have it every day, she couldn't. So we start to reintroduce Bulgur and CousCous and peas and stuff like that. We did still eat quite healthy but the more carbs you eat the smaller step it is to go to pizza pasta and coke, the trinity of cheap and easy to eat evil.

    So when my girlfriend left me and i was about 115kg again, I restarted with paleo.
    I lost 5kg the first month but was drinking a lot and going out on partys and once a month there was also some bad meal days with still Pizza. But i got rid of the coke and concidering me a coka cola addict that is something. second and third month i lost 5kg again quite a low for the last few years of beeing fat.
    So at the moment i feel quite well, eat quite clean and love to do sports. I skate everyday 12km to get to the lake and back swim a bit and have fun outside. I look bether then the last few years, can see all the muscles in my legs some i didn't know i have and actualy run around with a smile a lot. I shouldn't actually as i was left but sometimes it's better to start a new life alone and with good friends.

    So at the moment i eat one meal a day. Most days about 500g of meat some vegetables and Butter.
    Somehow i am afraid that I am doing it wrong. I mean it works at the moment and i feel good. But somehow my progress in sport seems so slow. Problem is maybe that i don't keep record, but it's just a bad feeling.

    So i am afraid that it somehow won't work out in the longrun. That i won't reach my goals. 25kg more to go, best till september when i want to start some serious sports like starting strenght or a martial art.
    I know i can do it. Why do i doubt than?

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    Sounds ok to me. You are building muscle and other lean parts. Throw away or hide your scale. Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit. Good luck.
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      Dude, you can do it. Think how good you will feel. And no girlfriend screwing up your diet! Make sure the next one is Paleo!