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Eating primal while traveling discussion, anyone?

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  • Eating primal while traveling discussion, anyone?

    Anyone else want to discuss eating on vacation? For the rest of the summer I am going to be gone more than I will be at home and wouldn't mind sharing tips as well as the ups and downs of a primal life away from home with fellow travelers. Let's talk!

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    A cooler is your friend.

    If you are going to Europe or something like that, just eat the local cuisine and enjoy yourself.
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      I am going to Russia this summer, and I am hoping to be able to locate a cheapo marketplace near a hotel and basically live off tvorog (quark), kefir and canned fish. I don't think I can store vegetables in the hotel.
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        We are on Vacation tomorrow. I plan on not worrying about the bad oils I consume and keep wheat products to a minimun. Otherwise I'm going to enjoy myself. I plan on having a few things with us like beef jerky, nut, and berries but, I think the wee one will be eating them more than us.


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          I just got back from a week in Hawaii. We booked a condo with a kitchen instead of a hotel. So that helped with having good breakfasts and a couple of dinners. My husband really enjoys eating out, though, so we were in restaurants a bit more than I would prefer. I managed to stay mostly on track. I had a bit of wheat-free tamari for when we ate sushi, but I did that much more than I normally do at home. I had it several times throughout the week. And, of course, eating out pretty much always means crap oils.

          I don't think I got glutened but I had upset digestion twice, but both were after meals where I ate a little rice. I think I just can't tolerate much grain of any sort now. I also ended up with some pretty bad hives. I used to get hives a lot pre-primal. They're rare these days. I'm not sure what set that off. Maybe too much soy? Legumes don't seem to be as bad for me as grains, generally, but I tend to avoid soy for the sake of my thyroid. Or it may have been something topical like the hotel sheets. I always bring my own pillow when I travel, but not sheets and towels. I didn't have hives on my face, but one night I rolled over onto one of the hotel pillows and it looked like someone had punched me on that side of my face. I really hope I don't end up having to bring all that stuff in the future. I already feel a bit much like the princess and the pea. I'm generally not a fussy person. Unfortunately, my body seems to have other ideas.

          On the bright side, the hives were a lot less itchy when I was in the ocean, so I just made sure I swam a lot. Still managed to have an awesome time.


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            I'll be away from home for a month for school beginning next weekend. I will have a good market nearby for lunches, but I plan on eating a big egg breakfast and lasting through the day until dinner. I am staying at a place with a kitchen so I can cook for myself. So, it's not quite the same as traveling, but my routine will be completely different.

            At the market I will scout out some fresh foods and hopefully there will be some!
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              I don't eat off plan to 'enjoy myself' while away from home because there's nothing enjoyable about arthritic flare ups and digestive upsets (grains), or feeling bloated and uncomfortable. If I'm on vacation, I 'enjoy' myself only when I feel my best.

              I've never had any problem staying 90% compliant with my WOE when away from home--with a little advance planning.


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                Included in our hotel stay this week is a full breakfast buffet. They have a large platter of Lox everyday plus fresh melons and pineapple. The bacon is overdone, but I eat t everyday. Our plan for this week, and I am sticking to it is eat big at the breakfast buffet, snack in the room on whey protein smoothies made with coconut milk and eat once a day at a steakhouse, ordering steak, salad, and a baked potato, sweet if available. We are at a 5 day baseball tournament, so it doesn't count the same as vacation. Also, I feel so awful when I go off plan that I am trying to disconnect vacations and holidays from food. What's the point of eating crappy if it ends up meaning you take fewer hikes, swim less and get crabby?


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                  Intermittant fasting!
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                    I find that except for the cooking oils, its pretty easy to avoid wheat and grains while eating out. As long as you stay away from fast food restaurants. Most menus have gluten free and/or low carb options that you can tweak or make do with.
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