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I need some gut flora

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    Originally posted by meeme View Post
    This may be an off the wall question but why don't they make probiotic suppositories? I know they're doing research on fecal implants...just a thought, it would be more direct and avoid the stomach.
    Because you need the bacteria all the way through your gut from beginning to end. Lots especially in the small intestine where the most digestion and occurs and most nutrients are absorbed.
    Suppository insertion has reach limits, you are only depositing it into the very end of the large intestine at best even with an insertion device.
    Most suppositories only go into the rectal cavity and never reach the actual colon at all.

    Insert it near the bottom end, then pushed out near the bottom end... and it has a hard time reaching the top end...

    The research on fecal implants is much more complicated... it involves emptying the colon and yes, using a very long hose tool to go very deeply to insert the implant.
    It's like a colonic where they put someone else's poop bacteria inside you...
    Not something to try at home!
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      According to me, I don't take anything in capsule form but I do drink quite a bit of Kombucha. I know you said you don't want to drink anything though. My sister in law had digestive issues, I turned her on to Kombucha and it helped. Not sure if it would help you though...


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        Well, its 4 months down the track, so hopefully your bowels sing like a harp, SB !
        By the way, onion garlic and ginger are primal munchies for strong healthy gut flora.
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