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My eyes are messed up!

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  • My eyes are messed up!

    I've been primal/paleo for about 3 months. I've been pretty happy with the results since my migraines have gone away, I haven't been catching colds and I've lost about 22 pounds. However, my energy is awful, my hair keeps falling out (it already was, pre-primal) and now my brown eyes have thin grey crescents at the top of the irises. I've read this can indicate a cholesterol issue. I had bloodwork a few weeks ago, it showed a vit D deficiency, I've been supplementing and trying to get as much sun as I can. I'm freaking out about my eyes - has this happened to anyone?? I have an appointment with my eye dr. and one with my gp.

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    FWIW, I had blue eyes as a 1-yr-old, but can only remember hazel eyes all my life. An iridologist once told me I was basically blue-eyed and I laughed at him. Now, many years later, having spent 12 years on low carb eating (and losing 60+lbs in the meanwhile), my eyes are definitely more blue-grey than anything. I am leaning towards primal eating (it goes with celiac avoidance quite nicely). I'm wondering if the overwash of many years of bad diet and/or ill health is beginning to clear on you, as a cholesterol ring is normally a white area ringing the iris. Maybe you shoiuld visit an iridologist first???


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      The only problem with cutting out processed foods is that you're probably losing your only source of iodine, They add iodine to refined salt you see, so when you cut it out, you may not be getting enough.

      Try upping your iodine intake through natural sources, or supplementation if you must. It's not 100% that it's the cause, but when you go from eating poorly to eating good, and begin to feel low-energy/losing hair, it could definitely be iodine. Regardless, you should be getting adequate iodine anyways. Look into it.


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        Is it arcus senilis?

        Arcus senilis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        Data suggests it is not associated with increase CAD.

        Vitamin D3 deficiency can cause fatigue so correct that as a top priority. Use a good quality D3 in oil.

        How low is your carb intake? You may need to bump that up. Also consider eating brazil nuts, seaweed, liver, oysters and bone marrow weekly to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need. You could get your thyroid tested while you are at the doctor as well
        Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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          For sun exposure use this table Sun or Moon Altitude/Azimuth Table. The altitude must be 50 or above for the sun to make Vitamin D. HTH


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            Definitely start getting more Vit D (from sun and D3 supplements can help too). Have you had a thyroid panel done? When my hair starts falling out and my energy drops, I can bet it's because my thyroid dose needs to be adjusted. Have then test all forms of the hormones (t3, t4, reverse t3, and TSH). Alot of docs will just test TSH, which isn't particularly helpful.

            If you're eating very low carb and cutting out iodized salt, it can be hard on your thyroid. Add some carbs back in and some natural sources of iodine and see if you feel better.


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              Thanks everyone for replying. I went to the eye dr. today, he said it's arcus senilis (good call jammies!). So, it could either be nothing, or my cholesterol is high, we'll see what my dr. says. I checked my parents' eyes and they are the same - my dad's particularly - but they are in their sixties - I'm 37! I think the lack of energy is from lack of carbs, I had more than usual for the past couple of days and I feel much better. Now, I will actually need to start exercising to compensate, or I'm fairly certain I will be putting all the weight I lost back on. I'll ask my doctor about running a comprehensive thryoid check, I'm in Canada, so it's really up to him! Thanks again everyone for taking time to read and reply - I really appreciate it!!!


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                This is very cool - thank you!


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                  Perfect example of why I love this forum so much - smart folks.