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Hoorah! for MDA

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  • Hoorah! for MDA


    OK, I have to admit, that despite following the MDA blog for about a year, I initially thought that the users of the forum were surprisingly open about their drug use, having confused the acronym MDA for MDMA. Meh!

    Now to the point of the post: Palm oil is primal. Until today I have restricted my use of palm oil in preparing my fried breakfast, feeling that ingesting a significant amount of this particular saturated fat on an empty stomach is something 'unhealthy.' (Some CW must have been working away in the hidden recesses of my grey matter.) I have just come from reading Mark's blog post, Smart Fuel: Palm Oil, and am now getting ready to have a primal cooked breakfast (tomorrow morning.) Sausages (from grass-fed, organic cattle,) eggs fried in palm oil, plantain fried in palm oil and baked beans (not strictly primal, I know) cooked in the remainder of the palm oil, with encona scotch-bonnet, West Indian chili sauce, to taste, all eaten off a large family size platter, with the family. Happy days

    Could I eat this oil by the spoonful, a la coconut oil? Yes! I really think I could.

    All the best!


    The quieter you become the more you're able to hear.

    Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi