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  • Splelnda?

    I can't seem to give up Splenda. I use it in my coffee. I did quit diet soda several months ago. What are the pros and cons of using Splenda?

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    My understanding is that Splenda and other artificial sweeteners are just that - artificial. That's why you should give them up. If you want to sweeten your coffee just put a bit of raw sugar, or honey in it, or something like that (I know sugar is processed, but there have to be some that are better than others).

    Don't think of it as cheating since this way of life is not about looking around the corner for the time when you can have your next cheat, just accept that you are okay with 5 grams of sugar everyday in your coffee. If that's all the sugar you are eating it's not a big deal and it's better for you than the fake stuff.
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      There were NO long-term human studies performed on toxicity prior to the FDA rubber-stamping it. We all know the influence of moneyed interests, so no rant required.

      Sucralose is considered a zero-calorie sweetener because the human body does not metabolize it; however, there are questions of exactly how much of it accumulates in the body, rather than being excreted.

      Further, there is a Duke University study that looks into how sucralose disrupts the gut flora in humans. The gut flora is absolutely a vital part of the human biome, protecting us from pathogens in the GI system, and assisting us by synthesizing nutrients such as K2.

      There are simply too many questions surrounding sucralose/Splenda to ever consider it safe. If you need to sweeten something, use a natural sweetener in moderation. I would suggest stevia, raw honey, organic cane sugar, pure maple syrup, and blackstrap molasses (though not in coffee). Some people dislike stevia, so you will have to test that, but it is completely plant-based (I have a plant growing in my herb garden) and you should be careful of commercial versions that blend it with Splenda, IIRC. Raw honey and maple syrup have been discussed by Mark, and are fine in small amounts. I occasionally use the cane sugar, because non-organic sugar is 90% made from GMO sugar beets; the organic is a little darker, a very light brown, and not as refined. (Also called demarara.) Molasses can add a deep, rich sweetness to marinades, and only a very little is needed. A jar lasts a long time.

      There are also sugar alcohols like xylitol and erythritol that some Primal/paleos use, but I have not tried them. Some folks experience digestive issues with those.

      There's also coconut sugar, which I have not tried but which would appear to be OK.

      So many better choices than artificial sweeteners. Mark uses a teaspoon of sugar in his coffee every morning, so no big deal if you're eating right.


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        I had the same issue but finally decided to get off the fake stuff.

        It takes 3 packets (at least) of regular sugar to match 1 packet of Splenda for sweetness. I started putting regular sugar into my coffee and slowly reduced the amount and now I am down to only 1 packet. I also add butter sometimes (aka, Bulletproof Coffee) and I find that adds a lot of nice flavor.


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          I agree with much of the above.

          Personally, I have benefited a lot from replacing sugar in tea with stevia (this is before the multinational got involved.) I still have to have 1 sugar in my coffee because there's something about the texture of the coffee that sugar gives that stevia doesn't. I also add fresh Indonesian cinnamon to the coffee grounds in the hope of offsetting the effects of the sugar.

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