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Can't drop a pound. Legit frustrated. Help!

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    Originally posted by BestBetter View Post
    Yes, check out the farmer's market on Elmwood/Bidwell Saturday morning. Hanova Hills has great beef - pasture raised and finished, tastes fantastic (you can get 4lbs for $20, which is cheaper than the Wegman's grassfed), plus they have liver, oxtail, and some odds and ends that are usually difficult to find. Also, at the farmer's market there is a lady who sells rabbit, goat, chicken, turkey, and eggs (name of her farm is Painted Meadow).

    And, just the other day i went to A Chau International Market (833 Niagara St.) - it's an asian market that has every weird animal part you could think of - as in bags of brains - and lots of other novel international goodies (I got this casava coconut 'cake' that was really good, and only like 3 ingredients). Have you been there? If not, it's worth the trip!
    Lol! Yes I have indeed been there. I will go to Elmwood Saturday although I usually avoid that market like the plague because of the people. A few other people have said there is a grass fed beef truck there.

    Thank you!