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Can someone explain my supplement?

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  • Can someone explain my supplement?

    Dear MDA readers,

    Recently I saw a naturopath to help with sleep and constipation issues (not at the same time).

    She suggested (and was helpful and ultimately correct) a magnesium supplement and zinc/vit C supplement.

    My question relates to the magnesium, a product by Metagenics called Firoplex Plus. It's labelled the "practitioner only range" but stings me $40 for a 400g tub (powder).

    My question relates to the actual content and deciphering what is described...

    Each 9g dose contains:
    Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate 3g
    (Meta Mag - magnesium diglycinate)
    Equiv. elemental magnesium 300mg
    Taurine 600mg
    Glutamine 500mg
    etc etc etc...

    What is the amino acid chelate and how is it different to the elemental magnesium?

    If the key is the elemental magnesium (which I'm assuming it is) can I just find any magnesium supplement of 300mg and save a few bucks?

    Apologies for the long winded question...thanks.
    I'll be back

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    Hi BigJilm

    My understanding of this form of Mg is that it doesn't dissociate in the gut, that is, you can take it at high doses and it will 1. (pretty much) all be absorbed, and 2. won't cause diarrhoea at the therapeutic dose. Other Mg's can draw water into the bowel which = runny stools. This form of Mg doesn't do that.

    Metagenics make some excellent, well researched and well produced products, this product is one of their biggest sellers nation-wide - its a great product but Metagenics are not an inexpensive brand - from experience they are the most expensive 'prac only' brand. They do an absolutely fantastic liquid fish oil that is actually really tasty but again, that sucker aint cheap. Its a real shame - they do spend a lot of money on the glossy stuff which makes an expensive end product.

    Maybe you could try the whole container and then do the same period of time with another - You know, the old self experiment scenario. Also, your naturopath should be able to answer this question for you so don't be afraid to ask him/her - it's a legitimate question and they should know the answer. If you end up liking it you need to make fast friends with someone who has a Metagenics account (often chiros, some doctors etc) and do a deal with them! ie trade wholesale priced products for 'xyz'.!

    Good luck, hope this helps


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      sorry, just to clarify, when I say 'this form of magnesium' I am referring to 'magnesium diglycinate'.... I'm unsure if you will find 'mg diglycinate' in another health food shop brand as I'm pretty sure it is a patented form of Mg. You could try looking online in the US, tho.


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        Thanks PP!

        Appreciate your advice, yeah Ive found another suuplement which seems to contain the same ingredients, but it costs the same.

        As you say, it does seem to be a quality product so I guess I'll have to stomach it at $1 per dose.
        I'll be back


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          fwiw, I take magnesium citrate in capsule form and sleep like a fossil. It's probably cheaper than what your doc is pushing.
          --Trish (Bork)

          FOOD PORN BLOG!


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            The magnesium is bound to another molecule.

            This means that the weight it's describing includes the weight of the molecule bound to it (3 grams is magnesium plus molecule).

            Elemental magnesium removes the weight of the amino acid(300mg of actual magnesium).

            So 1/10 the weight of the magnesium diglycinate is from the magnesium.

            The RDA of magnesium is based on elemental magnesium, so it's important to know the amount of elemental magnesium per serving rather than just the total weight of the compound.


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              Thanks JoeyA. You are a legend of Chemistry.
              I'll be back