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too much protein = kidney problems a myth?

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  • too much protein = kidney problems a myth?

    I'm just curious.

    'Too much protein harms your kidneys'

    Myth or reality?

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    If your diet is very imbalanced or you have pre existing kidney issues, maybe.

    A renal nurse mentioned a couple weeks ago that she regularly has patients who have kidney problems because of excessive protein.

    I think we'd have heard about it by now if paleo was causing lots of kidney issues though.


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      I had kidney stone attacks twice in two years after being vegan/vegetarian for more than a decade, and I was definitely not eating a lot of protein. So, if protein is a culprit in kidney problems, it can't be the ONLY culprit.


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        Excessive protein is only a problem if you already have damaged or diseased kidneys due to some other reason. It does not cause it. I only have one kidney (congenital) so I did a lot of research into this before going primal.