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    Hey everyone,
    everything seems to be going well since going primal but I get a very dry mouth from about dinner time onwards. Any idea how to beat this? I've been drinking alot more water and it seems to help slightly but not solve the problem.

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    Yeah. Water doesn't help that much. There are dry mouth toothpastes and sprays. I use the latter at night. Don't know how primal it is.
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      Just because it might be a sign, get your blood sugar checked. Being a type two diabetic, that is one sign.... Just so you can rule it out.... BTW, that is how I found out....
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        I get the same dry mouth after drinking protein shakes. Drinking a lot of water usually makes it go away though


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          Are you low carb? I hear low carb causes the natural mucosa to dry out in your colon lining, eyes and mouth typically.


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            How much water are you having? I used to think I had been drinking enough water, but actually measured it out and found I was way less than I thought.

            Since ensuring a min 2L over the day (often more) I no longer have dry mouth.
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              the dry mouth gel doens't help much for me
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                I don't know what your current carb intake level is, but dry mouth is a side effect of Ketosis.
                I've heard many people swear by something called Biotene.


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                  if you're in ketosis, it's a natural diuretic. you need to drink oceans of water to feel better, but it will self-regulate eventually.
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                    Here are the tips that may help you to cure your dry mouth naturally
                    • The toothpaste you should use is fluoride and after that you should also rinse your mouth with any kind of alcohol-free mouthwash
                    • You should sip water on a regular basis. You should avoid excessive intake of foods as well as beverages containing caffeine.
                    • Some natural remedies like plants and flowers can also be effective in treating this condition. Yohimbe is the herb which is best in this kind of condition that can stimulate salivation. Multiflora is a flower that is widely used to treat the dry mouth condition.
                    • Evening primrose oil – it contains fatty acid, and it is the best natural treatment for dry mouth condition.
                    • You should drink plenty of water, even if you are not feeling thirsty.
                    • You should avoid food with sugar and also drinks having sugar.
                    • Make use of toothpaste and mouthwash regularly to protect your teeth, because lack of saliva can cause dental problems.
                    • You need to have a moist environment in your room and spend your time in it, you can purchase humidifier to handle this situation.
                    • You can eat chewing gums that are kind of sugarless.

                    But this is the best and the very effective way, bring your problem to God, nothing is impossible for Him. Just believe and have faith to Him that He can heal you, and I believe all of the tips that I can give to you are useless. God is our Great Healer.

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                      The best dry mouth treatment is the XEROS Dry Mouth Pump. Of all the dry mouth products that I tried, the XEROS Dry Mouth Pump is the most natural and effective dry mouth treatment.

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