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Sugar junkie. Cold turkey. When cravings stop and ketosis starts.

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  • Sugar junkie. Cold turkey. When cravings stop and ketosis starts.

    I like my chocolate and ice cream, and enjoy it several times a week.
    Sometimes I even get into a vicious cycle craving binge and and keep eating it (entire box of cereal in 1 sitting)

    I have noticed when I go cold turkey, after about 7 days the cravings stop. I do this once a year just to "reset" myself. I am currently on day 10. Sooner or later, I will eat chocolate or ice cream, but from a place of control. Because I want to, not b/c I can't help myself.

    My question is: What is happening when the cravings go away around day 7? At what point does a full carb detox get you into a new optimal hormonal state, where you're burning fat for energy?

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    I'm not sure how long it takes initially to get into ketosis. From what I've heard, it takes a few weeks for our bodies to make the switch to fat burning, like 2-3 weeks but can also take longer.


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      From one ice cream junkie to another, try this: Put frozen berries (I use strawberries or blueberries) in a bowl, cover with heavy cream, and put in the freezer for 15 minutes or so. Stir and enjoy (you'll have to break up the frozen bits with a spoon before you stir).

      I find it so intensely satisfying I may never have to eat sweetened ice cream again.


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        Fresh berries in sour cream is just as tasty and satisfying.
        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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          That's not going to do it for me. I hate berries.
          One shortcut substitute I found was frozen bananas pops dipped in chocolate.
          This is just like ice cream, and a lot less terrible for you.
          I also try to eat nuts dipped in chocolate, instead of pure chocolate.

          That said, my real question is wanting know what biochemistry has happened to make the cravings dissipate by day 7.


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            I think it's probably a very individual thing. My cravings are better by day 7, but they are in no way gone. In fact, I've gone three weeks without sugar and I would still get cravings for it.


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              Day 15 and going strong.

              No chocolate.
              No ice cream.

              Only cheated with a bag of "mixed fruit & nuts" (the dried fruit has sugar cane added)
              Slipped another time with 2 cups of fruit.