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Primal way to treat anxiety disorder.

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    I've found foods like dairy (milk specifically) & sugar help me; fructose also. Daily exercise like a walk and lots of fats like coconut oil and butter. Of course protein is important too. Have you had your thyroid checked, I've read that causes a lot of mental dysfunction in people.
    This might help:
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      From my experience, diet plays a role in these mental disorders. I had issues with anxiety and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I also had panic attacks, stopped menstruating, had chest pains, etc. I was prescribed medications but I didn't deal well with the side effects and decided to make changes to my life first. All this was about 5 years ago.

      I noticed marked improvement in my moods with a more nourishing diet of good fats-- in general, I feel more balanced and stable, and never get anywhere near as anxious or panicked as in the past. I ate a very low-fat diet with lots of grains back in my years when I was most anxious and depressed. I was probably pretty malnourished. Not just diet, but getting enough sleep and rest, and minimizing stress all played a major role in decreasing anxiety and depression. Getting lots of sunlight also helps improve mood. In general, the PB guidelines are great for getting back in balance.


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        Not in the mood to re-cap my history. Check out the link to my journal, I am trying to cure my anxiety and depression with supplements and probably nutrition.

        Check out "Primal Body, Primal Mind", "The Mood Cure", "Depression-Free: Naturally" for how natural supplements (amino acids, mostly) could help. I found relief from 500mg of L-Tyrosine every morning for 6 months and now I'm trying without. I am able to more easily recognize when I'm feeling anxious now and think I might be able to train myself out of any negative thought habits.
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