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    I started the primal diet about 3 weeks ago. I'd say I am more than 80 percent, more like 90. Anyway, I am a college student and roughly every 2nd weekend I like to get crazy with the beer. Will this completely destroy any efforts for the rest of the days? Switching me back to a sugar burning idiot? If every 2nd weekend I have like 12 beer?

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    Effects of Alcohol Metabolism

    Body Weight. Although alcohol has a relatively high caloric value, 7.1 Calories per gram (as a point of reference, 1 gram of carbohydrate contains 4.5 Calories, and 1 gram of fat contains 9 Calories), alcohol consumption does not necessarily result in increased body weight. An analysis of data collected from the first National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES I) found that although drinkers had significantly higher intakes of total calories than nondrinkers, drinkers were not more obese than nondrinkers. In fact, women drinkers had significantly lower body weight than nondrinkers. As alcohol intake among men increased, their body weight decreased (17). An analysis of data from the second National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES II) and other large national studies found similar results for women (18), although the relationship between drinking and body weight for men is inconsistent. Although moderate doses of alcohol added to the diets of lean men and women do not seem to lead to weight gain, some studies have reported weight gain when alcohol is added to the diets of overweight persons (19,20).

    When chronic heavy drinkers substitute alcohol for carbohydrates in their diets, they lose weight and weigh less than their nondrinking counterparts (21,22). Furthermore, when chronic heavy drinkers add alcohol to an otherwise normal diet, they do not gain weight (21). Source:Alcohol Metabolism


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      "Through oxidation, alcohol is detoxified and removed from the blood, preventing the alcohol from accumulating and destroying cells and organs. A minute amount of alcohol escapes metabolism and is excreted unchanged in the breath and in urine. Until all the alcohol consumed has been metabolized, it is distributed throughout the body, affecting the brain and other tissues (1,2). "


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        but after a binge like that to you have to spend the next 21 days re training your genes to burn fat instead of carbs? or is it a minor 24 hour set back? or 72 hour if your in las vegas....


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          Just try to stick to some of these rules, if possible.

          The truth about alcohol, fat loss and muscle growth | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health


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            I wouldn't worry too much about it. I tend to do about the same, and I haven't noticed any issues.
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              Whiskey > Beer
              "Go For Broke"
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              Small Kine-168/9%
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              Goal- 210/6%


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                You got to live man.

                The only grains I consume are from beer. However, I have realized that wine doesn't give me that tired feeling the next day. If you are in college though stick with beer. I still go crazy every other week and it doesn't take much to get back on track.


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                  Don't sweat it, KOT. I'll occasionally have a Bard's(gluten-free)beer on the weekends or when it's hot, but all it takes, really, to satisfy the craving in ONE beer for me. Other than that it's red wine, scotch and bourbon in moderation.
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                    I drink one to two beers a day (the good micro brews or my homebrew) and I have lost 20 pounds since I went primal three months ago. Beer is my 20% and the very last thing I would give up. Keep doing what you are doing unless you have problems. If you do, then experiment and find out what caused it.