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Familial hypercholesterolemia and other insidious stuff

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  • Familial hypercholesterolemia and other insidious stuff

    After trying all alternative methods -and I've been strict lately due to some liver problems- my lipid profile came out terrible (it was better when my liver was playing ball and transaminases were high, probably because it wasn't making more cholesterol to pump into my arteries so the receptor deficiency got less evident).
    I'll be back on statins but as a kidney transplant recipient the best choice (don't spit, it'd crestor/rosuvastatin) is not enough of a renal safe product so I'll be going 80mg high of lescol/fluvastatin. I'm sort of pissed off, this will mean buying and daily taking up co-enzime Q10 and I don't know if that will really work.
    By now WITH a strict diet my TC is well over 400 and LDL is around 320 with 70 TG count. I could cry, probably if I eat a cookie or put some sugar in my coffee it could go well above 500.
    The thing is every medicine I get in order to keep my kidney happy rises cholesterol but in my case they really don't: I just have it like that. Now I could spit fire.
    I don't have any other risk of CVD, unless you take account of family members with clogged arteries. No diabetes, no metabolic syndrome, no high blood pressure (even with immune suppressant medication), good activity level, highly restrictive diet and low BMI with good lean body mass/fat mass ratio for someone with my condition (around 16% and my limit should be 13% and not a single digit less because of hormonal balance).
    Any of you has trouble dealing with your lipids profile? Suggestions? Ideas?
    I know how my grandfather veins looked like when he got his last four bypass, I really think it's best to do whatever possible to avoid the risk of ending up having such problems because even though my Achilles tendon xanthoma is not showing up yet I guess my best choice is to try my best to lower my extra LdL.

    Damn receptors anyway, if at least I got it from diet I would be in control of something here.
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