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My personal experiment. Quick transition to ketosis?

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  • My personal experiment. Quick transition to ketosis?

    Hypothesis: When fed a moderate carbohydrate diet for several days, then switched to a very low carb diet for several days, I will enter a state of ketosis rapidly, and not several weeks. This is to support the notion that we are perfect omnivores, capable of adapting quickly to the sudden changes in food supply we would experience in the wild.

    Method: Starting today, I will continue to eat a moderate carbohydrate paleo/mostly paleo diet. All food will be tracked on fit day and here. I have been eating moderate carbohydrate for the past few days - had some good ice cream, made coconut milk ice cream with a little Torani chocolate syrup and ate a little yesterday, will finish it tonight. Anyway, I'm definitely NOT in ketosis AT ALL right now. I will do a simple, controlled cardiovascular test tonight, and again on the first and second night of very low carb. According to Lewis, my performance should be less-than-optimal when I am transitioning to ketosis. But by day 8 of eating for ketosis, if I am right and Lewis' tool of measurement is reliable, I should perform much better thanks to enhanced ketone body formation.

    Yesterday 6/12/12
    Eaten at many points throughout the day:
    Coconut chocolate ice cream, 1/2 pint normal ice cream. Yes, I'm a little bloated.
    Small bowl of green olives
    1 pound ground beef cooked in tallow
    3 cups of fibrous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot)
    Date night food: Half a burrito, not primal but pretty clean. Beans and rice, steak, sauces. Had some corn night is cheat day!

    Keeping it cleaner now, for experiment!
    Today - 6/13/12
    10:00-11:00 AM
    1/2 pot of plain black coffee.
    Two medium avocados, plain.
    Cooking now:
    Five medium sweet potatoes in three tablespoons tallow, pepper, fennel and 1/2 tsp. salt.

    Will update with each item eaten.
    Will test cardio tonight, to set a standard.
    Crohn's, doing SCD

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    Subscribing because I'm curious to see how this turns out.
    “If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” --Audre Lorde

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      As am I!
      this great blue world of ours seems a house of leaves, moments before the wind


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        I'll also see if I can talk the lab techs into running some blood ketone tests for me. I wonder if I should shoot for a test on day one, day four and then on day eight. That would be a sort of trend. I don't want to try asking for daily labs. I'll be lucky if I can sneak those few through!
        Crohn's, doing SCD


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          Do you have ketostix? This is going to be interesting.

          Another way to get into ketosis rapidly is fasting.


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            During my 8-day work week, I only eat one meal a day, plus a box of Aroy-D coconut milk in the early AM for ketone generation. Clearly, I'll need to draw my blood before I drink this.

            Ketostix. Are they reliable? I thought a well-adapted body just used all its ketones instead of throwing them out in the urine. Maybe I'll buy a few anyway. Normal pharmacy stores have them?
            Crohn's, doing SCD


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              Ketostix are somewhat reliable until you are ketoadapted. You can find them in just about any pharmacy, usually somewhere around either the diet supplements aisle, or the diabetic supplies aisle.


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                Yep, OTC. They are not perfectly reliable when comparing one person to another but when you are only measuring changes in yourself, they can help. And they're pretty cheap.


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                  Well, I'll buy them just so we can use them as an added source of info.
                  Crohn's, doing SCD


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                    Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
                    Well, I'll buy them just so we can use them as an added source of info.
                    Yep, we want to see those stix turn purple.


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                      I forgot. Dinner was half of a pink salmon, seasoned and 90 small green olives.

                      Tomorrow is actually my transition day - going to night shift and into very low carb - so keeping track will become more critical by then.
                      Crohn's, doing SCD


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                        10:25 AM 6/14/12 Woke up, had a bottle of Kombucha, waited an hour, tested TRACE ketones in urine. Since I'm clearly not in meaningful ketosis, I will test my cardiovascular performance on the cycle.

                        I guess this is baseline:
                        Wheel tension - medium. (level 6 on machine)
                        Duration - 10 minutes
                        Pulse - 118 to 123, always within that range.
                        Speed of pedaling - Avg. 5.7
                        Breathing easy, no perceived effort or labored breathing, no heat or sweat.

                        So, in theory, when I do this tomorrow morning (I'm starting very low carb now. Technically, I guess last night's salmon dinner counts as the start.) it should be either more difficult or result in a higher pulse rate?
                        Crohn's, doing SCD


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                          This is addicting. Could you hook up a webcam so I can follow you around?

                          Just kidding...if you said no.
                          If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


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                            This is addicting. Could you hook up a webcam so I can follow you around?

                            Just kidding...if you said no.

                            1 8 oz. can of oysters
                            1 pound ground beef
                            6 chicken eggs with stinging nettle leaves
                            Includes bone broth and tallow
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                            Crohn's, doing SCD


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                              Add to that, my usual food before work. Plus, I did a lot of working out today! I did ten for-real clapping chin-ups in one set, then went back for more! So a little protein is in order, and not going to interfere greatly with getting back into ketosis.

                              Peed on the stick again. It has shifted ever-so-slightly pinker, up to about the .7 mark. The first test was easily below the .5.

                              7.5 ounces of canned sardines in water. I'm a label hound, these are clean aside from BPA. Poor folk can't get away from BPA and still eat, I've discovered...
                              Crohn's, doing SCD