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Strange muscle twitching with numbness and tingling too! Anybody else?

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  • Strange muscle twitching with numbness and tingling too! Anybody else?

    Back in March, I started having strange muscle twitching in my lower legs and feet, then numbness and tingling in my left arm, hand, leg and foot about a week later. Now the tingling/numbness is in both arms, hands, legs, feet . I was diagnosed the end of March with Benign Fasciculation (twitching) and slight cord compression C5/C6 (numbness/tingling) from a neurologist after MRI, EMG and Nerve Conductivity test came back normal. I was relieved somewhat, but the twitching, numbness and tingling are continuing today. Iím currently getting chiropractic care and physical therapy. It does not seem to be helping at all. I have no weakness or balance issues at all. I've been Primal since November 2011. I've progressed nicely with the Primal Movements program since I started. This is just very annoying and worrisome!! I'd say I'm about 90% eating Primal. I still have some grains in the form of a few of beers on some weekends and a cup of raw milk daily. I feel great, better than ever, other than this twitching and tingling. I'm now wondering if it's some food intolerance, possible thyroid issue, although my levels are all in the 'normal range'or nutrient deficiency. I use paleotrack occasionally to track my nutrients. Seems my copper is always low. I may try supplementing that for a while to see if it makes a difference. Anyway not sure what to do next. I have scheduled a second opinion with a different neurologist.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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    Is it painful?

    It sounds like you are fine. It's all part of evolution and your body healing itself, it that makes any sense.


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      Thanks for the response, I hope you are right! It's never been painful. Just an annoyance.


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        I had something similar about 6-8 months ago (prior to going primal so there was no relation). I was working out hard 5 days a week. I read online and of course the online reports indicated benign twitching to ALS and everything in between. I saw a neurologist, got checked out, and it turned out to be benign twitching. I've backed off on my workout routine and it seems to have resolved itself. I haven't had any twitching in months.

        My twitching was primarily in my biceps, triceps, and upper back.


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          Yeah, I've had numbness and tingling, which was due to my MS. However, there are many nutritional deficiencies that can mimic MS symptoms like these, B12 is the first that comes to mind. I couldn't ascertain from your post whether you'd had bloodwork that indicated your vitamin and mineral levels were optimal...if not, that's the first thing I'd check.

          If you're into Traditional Chinese Medecine, it views numbness and tingling as a symptom of stagnation. I had a good experience with accupuncture to regain normalcy in my numb left arm.