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  • Weight and Muscle gain

    i'm 135lbs 5'8
    I calculated my caloric intake with the IF calculator (i don't plan on fasting) and here it is
    Rest Days: 2444cals Fat:105.8g Carbs:238g Protein:135g
    Work Days: 2666cals Fat:118.1g Carbs:265.8 Protein:135g

    Is this good(healthy) for weight and muscle gain? Should I cut down on the carbs and raise the other macronutrients or...? Not trying to gain fat but, do not mind gaining a little. I will be working out 3 days a week using this Dumbbell Only Home Or Gym Full Body Workout | Muscle & Strength (because I only have dumbbells)
    I'm going to do The Burpee on a day and the prison workout another week but, most days using my routine
    any suggestions for macro intake

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    Carbs are very high......

    The only 2 macro's I pay attention to are Carbs, and Protein, if carbs is low, and protein is high, you probably wont have alot of sugar, which means calories will also be low also, and again, carbs low.

    I suggest looking at the Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve on the main page, very good info on blocks for carbs. Your protein intake is spot on. Take a gander at some of the Top Links as well.

    Lift big, eat some point you will need to embrace working in the upper ranges of your work capacity, usually the 70-80% area in the 3-5 rep range. This produces a ridiculous amount of strength gains, and your overall badass-ness will increase 10 fold You will only get as strong as the weight your moving. Dont expect to put on alot of size moving high high rep movements. Stick to functional movements you use in daily life, squat, deadlift, and overhead presses with the barbell, and also pullups. These are movements that never fail and recruit a huge amount of muscle groups at once.

    Might want to look at picking up a used barbell and some plates, or source one online with a weight package, alot cheaper than you think these days.

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      Yup everything he just said x2, hell make it x5 (reread it a few times lol)

      Less carbs (under 150g), more fat, a little more protein wouldn't hurt at all, but 135g is a good baseline. If you're lifting heavy and eating like a maniac, feel free to add calories via protein i.e 150g a day.

      1) I'm going to assume you're a Man, if you're a woman awesome just insert "dude" for "dudette"
      2) Stop counting calories you're a dude, track your macros until you get an idea what it looks like
      3) Don't make #$%^& complicated, eat every day in the same amounts, none of this eating like a bird on "rest" days
      4) Muscle gets built on "recovery" days, so eat like you mean it, every day.
      5) You're tiny, so stop eating like you're tiny.

      Lift Heavy, Eat Big, Rest Often.

      I hope you found this post information and motivational, if not feel free to call me bad names in a private message .
      "Go For Broke"
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