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Give me links to why ephedrine is bad.

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  • Give me links to why ephedrine is bad.

    I'm having a debate with someone on this. I want to prove why it's a bad way to lose fat in the long term. I found a bunch of pubmed articles that don't state any bad effects of it, which is what I'm trying to get at in my conversation.
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    Just Google "ephedrine is bad". There are plenty of links.
    *My obligatory intro

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      why debate something you don't know about? just sayin... is it worth it?


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        He is trying to get me on them. >_<

        Also, I am tempted because I can get really bad cases of ADD most of the time, and I feel like it would help me to focus more.
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          If it brings in a lot of money in the medical community - you won't find many bad articles on it - weather it really is bad for you or not.


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            How would ephedrine help you focus more?

            And I'm asking seriously, not snarkily.

            Ephedrine makes me feel like I've snorted a line of coke, but I didn't have to pay
            500 bucks for it and I probably won't die from my whopping 8mg that I took... since
            I know what it was cut with. HAR!

            Anyway, it doesn't ever make me feel "more focused", but I do have a super great
            sense of well being and a shit ton of energy. And, the appetite suppressant part of it
            all is grand as well.

            You can get 60 tabs for 15.00 dollars from your local drug store, so if you DO decide to
            take it, don't get it from GNC or some other whack expensive place.

            PM me if you want the name of the stuff.

            And for the record, I don't take it daily or anything anymore, but I have, and look, I'm still alive.

            You just can't go balls out batshit crazy on it. It's addictive, like anything else, and, you *do* develop
            a tolerance for it.



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              Yeah, I'm scared of the addiction, and the focus in the mental energy is the part that appeals to me. How often do you take it?
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                The addiction only happens if you get crazy about it, and how often you take it depends
                on how the doseage affects you.

                My tabs are 25mg a piece, I can get away on 1/3rd of that tablet in the morning with my
                coffee and be set for the day.

                So if you start off with that, feel nothing, then you may want to try half a tab the second time

                My husband, who's 6'2 and 220lbs can take half a tab and be fine for the day.

                But then I had a friend who took 1/3rd, who's about 165lbs and 5'5 and she didn't feel
                a damn thing from it, so it all just depends!

                You just want to start off slowly and adjust from there.

                You're not going to get addicted on 1/3rd a day or even half a pill a day.

                There was this one chick on Dr. Phil that was taking like TEN WHOLE PILLS
                or more a day.

                How she didn't implode from all that is beyond me. I guess she just got her tolerance
                up so high that she could, but man, when you've taken a little too much, YOU KNOW IT.

                It's not a bad feeling, like overdosing on coke (askmehowiknow) it's just a weird kind of,
                hmmm, stuffy ear weird feeling.

                It's hard to explain.... I guess the only way I can explain it is that you just know, and you do
                NOT feel like you're dying.

                I'm sure I've scared you off for good after that. HAR!

                Some peeps even do the EC/Stack - which is an ephedrine tab AND a cafffeine tab.

                Good lord, dunno how they do that either.

                Just my 1/3rd and my cuppa loser Folgers is enough to make me want to clean the house
                from top to bottom.

                And if you know me, house cleaning is poisonous, so I try not to do it.... like Evuh.


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                  Lmao, thanks for the info xP I guess I'll never use it but try it on a day I'm feeling really low energy xP

                  By the way, that quicksilver mine hike is awesome. Totally was not expecting the view to be so nice. Thanks for the rec.
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                    Yeah, good idea.

                    Trust me, it's not heroin, you won't get hooked on the first try, and you may not
                    even feel a thing.

                    Caffeine pills are way too harsh for me, but this stuff, just my third, is fine sometimes
                    when I'm dragging ass, or, you know that time before LadyTime hits when you have a
                    hollow leg and no matter HOW MUCH YOU EAT, you're still starving? So you keep eating?

                    It's PERFECT for that.

                    So, one or two days a month, I'm all about it.

                    Which trail head did you start off on for your Quicksilver hike? There are four.

                    I don't remember a spectacular view from the Quicksilver trails I've been on... unless
                    I'm just spoiled and have forgotten.

                    Like when I go to Monterey to visit my mother and she's still all gaga about the freaking
                    ocean. "Oh honey! look at that water!" My eyes glaze over and I think to myself "yep, there
                    it is... there it STILL IS".

                    I appreciate it, but I'm desensitized from growing up in Santa Cruz every weekend since I was



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                      Sakura, IF you have ADD and you are interested in persuing medication to help it, I would suggest looking into Dexedrine, which is a form of amphetamine. My husband is prescribed Dexedrine for his ADD, and since he doesn't like the idea of being medicated, he takes it sparingly (when he REALLY needs to focus on something important). It completely eliminates his hunger, so he always eats a huge meal before taking it, otherwise he won't want to eat all day. It's also prescribed for obesity and depression (since it acts on dopamine levels). I have a prescription for Dexedrine also, but for my chronic fatigue, not ADD. When taken in small doses there's little to no shakiness/racing heart, which is common with other ADD rx like Adderall (which he and I both tried and decided that it sucks).

                      However, I personally wouldn't use amphetamine/ephedrine for weight loss, because I think that the people who use it for this purpose tend to end up with very poor body composition (skinny fat). I'll ask my husband if he can find and forward some info about the negative effects of regular ephedrine use.


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                        Originally posted by InSearchOfAbs View Post
                        Which trail head did you start off on for your Quicksilver hike? There are four.

                        I don't remember a spectacular view from the Quicksilver trails I've been on... unless
                        I'm just spoiled and have forgotten.
                        I think I started on the Mine Hill trail, and after getting to the reservoir, it was picture-perfect. Or maybe I just have a different point of view on what's beautiful and what's not =P

                        Yeah, I'm from Hawaii, but the bay area hikes don't cease to amaze me with the breathtaking views sometimes. But I guess Santa Cruz is a lot more similar to the other south bay hikes than the Hawaii ones are XD

                        BestBetter: Thanks for the info. I would really appreciate any information you can give On days when I have excess caffeine intake, I feel really mentally focused, so I'm not sure how that relates to my ADD symptoms. Someone mentioned to me that I seemed like I have ADD, and after reading up on the symptoms, I realized I do have it. And it would explain many, many things lol.
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                          I love ephedrine and I tolerate it very well but some people do not. Taken properly, it's not dangerous, if you're healthy. I take an EC stack with 2 x 8mg ephedrine tabs and 1 200mg caffeine pill. It does not make me jittery, it never has, but it does make me more focused and more of an extrovert. I don't have ADD though, so not sure how it will effect that I don't take it daily but I do take it when I'm dragging my ass through the day (if I'm lacking sleep or sick.)

                          Originally it was used to treat asthma/breathing issues, it's still used in Asia for this.


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                            Ephedrine leads to a far GREATER rise in cortisol levels than caffeine does. This leads to a stressed out feeling, and when the body perceives it is under stress it tries to hold onto fat.
                            "The cling and a clang is the metal in my head when I walk. I hear a sort of, this tinging noise - cling clang. The cling clang. So many things happen while walking. The metal in my head clangs and clings as I walk - freaks my balance out. So the natural thought is just clogged up. Totally clogged up. So we need to unplug these dams, and make the the natural flow... It sort of freaks me out. We need to unplug the dams. You cannot stop the natural flow of thought with a cling and a clang..."


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                              Dietary Supplements and Arrhythmia Ephedra/Ephedrine Ephedra, a naturally occurring substance derived from the Chinese herb ma huang, contains an adrenaline-like substance called ephedrine. Ephedrine-containing supplements were widely used for years as aids to weight loss and as athletic performance enhancers, although the drug has been found to be only slightly effective in weight loss. Because thousands of adverse events, including death, have been reported, ephedrine-containing substances have been banned for sale in the US. Unfortunately, they are still easily available through the Internet and other sources.

                              Ephedrine-containing supplements are associated with more reports of death, cardiac arrhythmia, heart attack, hypertension, stroke, and seizure than all other dietary supplements combined. The drug's potency, and its danger, lie in its powerful action on the sympathetic nervous system, which acts to accelerate heart rate and other functions. Moreover, the drug's effects on the sympathetic nervous system last 10 times as long as those of adrenaline.

                              The sympathetic nervous system is capable of destabilizing the heart's electrical system. Because ephedrine has such a powerful effect on the sympathetic nervous system, the drug has the potential of creating deadly arrhythmias. Especially when taken with caffeine (as it frequently is), ephedrine can overstimulate the heart and cause it to beat so rapidly (tachycardia) that it can no longer effectively pump blood: the blood is pumped out more rapidly than it can return to the heart. The heartbeat may disintegrate into fibrillation, or uncoordinated quivering, rather than beating. Atrial fibrillation is not immediately dangerous but may lead to stroke, when blood pools in the atria and forms clots. Ventricular fibrillation can result in death within minutes of onset.


                              Ephedrine is a sympathomimetic drug prescribed as a nasal decongestant, with properties similar to epinephrine; its effects on both a- and b-adrenergic receptors and its central effects resemble those of amphetamines (see figure). 7 The adverse effects of ephedrine are hypothesized to be related to coronary artery constriction, vasospasm, shortening of cardiac refractory periods allowing re-entrant cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension -induced subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral artery vasoconstriction and sympathomimetic -induced platelet activation.


                              LONG-TERM EFFECTS ON THE ADRENAL GLANDS

                              Forcing the body to constantly secrete epinephrine puts unnecessary stress on the adrenal glands. Much like an addiction to any substance, over time it takes more epinephrine to get the same desired effects. The adrenal glands have to work harder than normal to produce enough epinephrine. The extra work over time can cause the adrenal glands to fatigue and fail.

                              Ephedra's Effects On Adrenals | LIVESTRONG.COM