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What the hell is it with Coconut oil and effing Diarrhea?

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    Originally posted by marthat View Post
    Great weight loss, btw, Warmbear. I saw your Facebook post today.
    I was a tad bit confused there for a sec but you must be on the Ontario paleo facebook. I was like do I know you? yeah I wonder if I am loosing weight too fast sometimes, 50 lbs ish since easter? of course if I cheated less, it would be faster too.
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      Originally posted by Warmbear View Post
      I wonder if I am loosing weight too fast sometimes, 50 lbs ish since easter?
      That is fantastic!! Maybe it is all that whooshing
      65lbs gone and counting!!

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        Ha no. that Whooshing is very temporary
        Primal since April 2012 Male 6' 3" SW 345lbs CW 240lbs GW 220lbs and when I get there I am getting a utlikilt. This one actually.

        Join me at, where all the cavemen hang out.


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          Originally posted by Warmbear View Post
          I get the whoosh, I get the sweats I get the nausea never passed out. it just runs through ya and then boom, fine.
          Sounds like you're suffering from a vasovagal response.

          Vasovagal response - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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            Knifegill, you know he's not talking about an energy "whoosh", right? More of a rush to the bathroom than an energy rush.

            That happened to me when I tried bulletproof coffee, but it doesn't bother me with cooking. Like everyone says, just use left. Halve the amount of CO and make it up with butter. Try just using it a couple of times a week. Add just a drop. Whatever method makes sense to you, try working up to it from small amounts and see if you can tolerate it. If not, then maybe just don't use it. It's good stuff but it's not necessary for health.

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              Originally posted by GeorgiaPeach View Post
              Try it at lunch or dinner not breakfast- I read that people use it as a laxative in the morning.
              Really eh??? I need to get me some coconut oil. Things are not been "whooshing" easily these past few days


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                I have the same issues, I generally use it just to lube the pan, but I did add a good dollop on my scrambled eggs the other day and I mean a BIG dollop. Within 30 minutes I felt so sick and weak, I thought I had come down with the stomach flu that everyone has been having, maybe it was but it did seem a coincidence. I went home and sat around for the rest of the day feeling decidedly 'off'.

                I have had this reaction before when I first got some CO and started zealously using it OTT. So its back to a teaspoon a day!!
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                  Have read the unrefined kind causes allergic response, maybe try some cheap refined CO.


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                    Just found this "whoosh" thread after a bit of poking around.

                    Things had been really liquidy (sorry) in the afternoon when I was ramping up my coconut oil in the bulletproof coffee. I figured that was the problem, eased up a bit and the problem went away. This morning, to meet whatever the weird craving was, I beefed up the Kerrygold and really overdid it on the coconut oil. Well, my a$$ was like a faucet...

                    At least I have a reminder as to the culprit.


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                      thank grok i found this thread. I was wondering if the increase in vegetables or tainted chicken was the culprit. Or if this lifestyle was right for me.....but now me thinks ive been using way to much virgin CO when cooking!

                      As i read this i just got done re heating some lunch which was grilled chicken thighs and saute vegetable medley. after reading this i decided to set the veggies aside and a co worker inquired if he could eat them....I said sure have at it, but be warned it might clean you out...I'll update later....


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                        My wife found CO to be a bit of a laxative for the first few days.

                        Judging by the oily tablespoon she keeps leaving on the counter she's got use to it now...



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                          Innnnnteresting. I only cook with CO, I don't "eat" it.

                          But, I have been having huge issues with coconut milk. I don't drink or use regular milk at all as I have lactose tolerance issues so I really wanted to start using coconut milk. Every time I do but stomach is in knots and I end up "whoosh"ing on the toilet. Tonight I tried to use it, but the smell made me absolutely sick. I threw a brand new can of it away.

                          I'm thinking it's just not for me. I'll stick to just using CO for cooking.
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                            When I first started experimenting with CO in coffee during IF, I had serious poop issues. Maybe TMI, but I actually had an accident one day at work.

                            Now months later I start my morning with coffee plus 4 tbsp of butter and 3 tbsp of MCT oil and have no colon reaction at all.

                            Once your body upregulates lipase production to match your intake you can ingest enormous amounts of fat without a problem.

                            Oh, one thing though. Warning - If you start to do massive amounts of fat and then you don't have it for a few days - colon lock can occur. Ow.
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                              My whooshing experience scared me off coconut. I just stick with butter. Want to try ghee now too.
                              Breathe. Move forward.

                              I just eat what I want...


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                                I cook with it everyday but it doesn't really bother me. You don't need that much of it. Coconut milk goes straight through me!!!!1
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