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  • Ugh Rapid Cycling Bipolar

    Hi there,
    i am unsure as to how many people understand Bipolar, but i am currently going through the Manic Phase of my disorder, which has been going on for the last week or so. (Racing thoughts, anxiety, nightmares, trouble sleeping, binge eating, singing, dancing, word repeating,numbers,mental images etc) usually this dies down within a few days. I went to see my psychiatrist as i was particularly anxious, and when i get beyond the "high-energy" but liveable phase of Mania into this "uncontrollable scary" phase, i find it very very difficult to get through the day/night and i am sometimes quite afraid. Stupidly, i listened when my psychiatrist told me that i should eat some healthy wholegrains as i had not had any for approx 6 weeks, and that maybe that would help with mood stabalising, and increase my meds. He also told me to cut down on fats, which again stupidly i did.
    Well, all that it has done is rocketed me off sky high and i feel SO anxious and stressed and panicky and just awful. (even worse than i did when i went in there) so, i guess that is the evidence that wheat is NOT the answer for me.
    i am going to go back to strict primal tomorrow but i was thinking about increasing my carbs (sweet potato and i also tolerate rice very well etc) and up my fats big time...
    Do you think this is a good plan? i know a lot of bipolar people do very well on ketogenic diets, and i mentally do very well too, but energy wise, i really struggle.
    Is there anybody else who suffers from Bipolar? What do you do when you feel yourself getting manic to avoid this horrible phase My mind scares me sometimes, and i HATE that i listened to this so called "health professional" and all he did is make me feel worse!

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    Yes eat some carbs and fats.


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      Some say ketogenic diets help. ketogenic diet and bipolar - Google Search
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        CaveKitty, I am sorry you did not receive more responses, sadly people just do not understand or can relate to what you are going through. You have got to stay off grains and sugar, and eat lots of animal fat and protein. If you could get some raw organic cow organs to eat, especially of brain, that would be excellent. With regards to medicine, unfortunately once you start taking the meds you will not be able to stop without risking effects of Stong suicidal thoughts, even delusions and other side effects. Where there is life there is hope, and please do not give up.
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          In a situation like yours, I've found it's best to rely on medication to get you over the "hump". I know a lot of people shun medication, but they're typically the ones that do not have bipolar and just have no way of understanding how it feels. I used to be against the idea of medication, but I went through a time where things got really bad and dangerous and I ended up heavily medicated. Luckily those times have passed, but I still rely on my daily meds to keep me balanced. Back to my point, though, you use crutches when you break your leg because you cannot walk on your own. Eventually you get rid of the crutches when you heal and have worked on building up your strength. Look at medicine the same way: use it when you need it to keep you safe, but don’t rely on it to do all the work for you.
          And don’t take dieting advice from a psychiatrist, unless they’re also a licensed nutritionist…

          Stay safe.


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            Matk, you sound like you personally know a lot of people who encourage nutrition over bipolar drugs, and know them intimately enough to be 100% certain at least most of these intimate acquaintances have not suffered in any way shape or form from the illness or understand it. Humans are private and keep secrets; I doubt you do.


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              Ariana, one thing my doctor recently suggested was to eat a lot of watermelon to keep my kidneys healthy. One long term side effect of lithium is that it can cause kidney damage and eventually lead to a certain type of diabetes. My doctor is Slavic, and does a lot of international research, and that is one of the things she's studied. She told me the studies found that watermelon helps clean the kidneys, but it hasn't caught on in the US yet. It's rare to find a doctor who is willing to look at alternatives to medicine.
              There's no point in secrets if the information can help someone else.