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Sugar demonised in mainstream newspaper, fat celebrated

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  • Sugar demonised in mainstream newspaper, fat celebrated

    Why our food is making us fat | Business | The Guardian

    The old story we all know. Not in a paleo blog or health website, but rather in one of the UK's leading newspapers. Admittedly, mainly upper middle class people read The Guardian, but it's a good start. On Thursday there's going to be the first of 3 episodes telling the story on BBC2 (the UK's second TV channel) at 9pm. I think we're beginning to make some progress...

    Recently I've come to think that there's not much difference between CW and primal. The emphasis is on whole foods.

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    So, the pendulum swings.
    I have given up all hope of one day seeing a balanced mainstream article at least attempting to cover a few of the complexed issues contributing to increased obesity rates. It's much easier and makes for much more controversy to simply point the finger at one aspect.


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      Fascinating info. I enjoyed reading where/how it was all getting started.

      Dr. Oz yesterday..... yes I watched him, I wanted to see the Diet Myths he was debunking .......... Said.... Fat does not make you Fat.
      65lbs gone and counting!!

      Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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        I don't see how the article "celebrated" fat.