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Another protein smoothie/post workout shake question

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  • Another protein smoothie/post workout shake question

    I’ve been experimenting with my PWO protein shake for a while now. Here is the current recipe:

    2 cups unsweetened coconut milk (formerly used water – will still add a little water if needed)
    1 cup unsweetened mixed berries (blue, black, rasp) - frozen
    1 cup unsweetened strawberries – frozen
    1 cup frozen broccoli
    1 handful frozen baby spinach (I buy fresh and freeze)
    1 scoop whey protein (trying BSN)

    I have been doing a lot of research on this site and others and sometimes there can be conflicting information. Berries are the best fruit to eat but don’t go crazy for example (too much of a good thing…). Really what I want to avoid is jacking my blood sugar levels. I have not noticed a “crash” yet so I feel as though I am doing it right. Sometimes I will have 2 of these shakes a day…morning and evening. I am 6’2” @ 185ish and I work out every other day doing nothing but compound lifts (the eye ball test in the mirror says that I am moving in the right direction). I am open to suggestions as optimizing my so called “diet” is ultimately what I am looking to accomplish.
    Thanks in advance!

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    You need to realize that meal timing is largely inconsequential except in very specific circumstances. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do something if you feel it is working but it means that you should realize that it isn't necessary.

    With that said, there is nothing wrong with your PWO smoothie/shake as long as it fits within your macros and caloric goals for the day. The "what specific berries" mentality is borderline OCD and leads down a path which increases the likelihood of long-term adherence difficulties.