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Opinions of iGg food sensitivity testing

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  • Opinions of iGg food sensitivity testing


    A couple of years back I did food sensitivity testing and came up with a couple dozen food sensitivities, oh joy. To me it seemed like maybe the test just picks up on what you eat the most regularly. Also, I was skeptical because the test didn't show me as sensitive to wheat although I tested positive for celiac at the same time and was regularly consuming wheat.

    So, the way I have been looking at it was probably some of the foods on the list are bad for me which triggers my system to be overly sensitive and over react to a whole host of other foods. When I eliminated all of the nearly 30 foods on the list I felt great but as a long term commitment it ain't happening. Currently, I am eliminatingwhat I consider to be two of the three worst offenders, dairy and wheat, but have kept eggs going. Now, I am waking up with stomach aches if I eat too many eggs a day. Yesterday I ate about a half dozen.

    Anyone else dealing with iGg issues?