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    I've had five children and although I wasn't Primal when I had them, here is my best advice for new parents:

    Sleep when the baby sleeps until you are able to get baby into a routine of sleeping at night. Take naps when baby does. For eating, do the best you can to keep it Primal, make sure mom is getting enough calories to sustain milk supply, as well as lots of hydration. Do not stress about working out right now. If you feel like it and you have a few mins to spare, then do it. If you are really tired or low energy, skip it. And one total lifesaver that I found when I had my second set of twins was swaddling. We bought swaddles with the velcro and swaddled the girls up nice and snug (arms tucked inside the swaddle), and they slept MUCH, MUCH BETTER like that. I wish i had known that for my other three. You have to get the swaddle tight enough that they can't easily wiggle their arms free, but I swear it works and was a God send when I found out about it.

    Good luck!


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      And my thread has officially been hijacked. Wonderful. My opinions, while I'm here: Breastfeeding is great so far and my wife is enjoying it. As for co-sleep, I prefer not to smother my baby.

      Thanks all for the advice on what I actually asked for it on. I will get the best sleep I can and will eat as well as I can keeping it simple. I may do some short workouts at home but will mostly plan to be there for my wife and child. Thanks all!
      Thumbs up, and enjoy your new baby!
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        Originally posted by bionicsamm View Post
        And Grumpycakes, I'm probably going to hell for it, but I actually agree with you on this!
        Hell is pretty nice. No one gives a crap if you screw up.
        You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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          Originally posted by Ransom View Post
          Hi all,I am a new father. My wife and I had our first daughter yesterday. We should be heading home today and I'm not sure how to approach would used to be my normal routine. So my question is: do you all have any advice on diet, sleep, and exercise for new primal dads?

          Sleep is obviously pretty much non-existent right now - what is the best approach to maximize the little sleep I'm getting?
          Cosleeping so that the baby's sleep cycle syncs to your wife's, she (and you) don't have to get out of bed, will help a LOT. Here is what I tell all new parents (whether they cosleep or have baby in a pack-n-play next to the bed or a side-carred crib):
          1. DO NOT: Turn on any lights when baby stirs. Get out of bed for any reason if you can help it. Try to replicate the commercials showing a weary parent pacing the halls with a newborn.
          2. DO: Put all supplies needed for the whole night (including a huge water bottle for your nursing wife) next to the bed. Keep a small flashlight or reading light handy in case you have to change a diaper. Keep a little garbage can near the bed for throwing away said diaper. Keep 2-3 changes of baby clothes as well as a reusable/washable bed pad under yourself and baby (with replacements if needed).

          Here is how nighttime should look to lose the LEAST amount of sleep (I am speaking from experience here ):
          1. Go to sleep in the same room together - this reduces SIDS and helps the baby regulate its sleep.
          2. Baby stirs and your wife hears immediately b/c they're near each otehr (don't let baby progress to full-out crying). Wife latches baby on - work on perfecting 'nursing side lying position' (google it - it will save her sleep!!!). No lights are on, little movement made by either of you. Baby finishes eating and needs a diaper change - use small flashlight to change diaper, then roll over and go back to sleep.
          Note: If cosleeping wife and baby should be in a C position so her legs/arms/torso are curled around the baby protectively, no fluffy blankets/pillows, (google Dr. McKenna Cosleeping Guidelines for more safe cosleeping tips).

          Diet seems pretty clear. However, I know we'll be getting a lot of non-primal food delivered in the coming weeks. I plan to buy a little more at the store in case I need to whip something up for myself cause what was brought is unable to be primally tweaked. Any other advice?
          You both need readily available snacks and easy-to-heat meals. If your wife is nursing she will need to eat like a marathon runner (no joke here...I needed an extra 800+ calories per day while nursing and still lost tons of weight).

          And then working out. I know that sleep is a huge part of the recovery process and I'm not getting much of it. Plus, being tired, I'm sure there is a higher risk of injury. I usually do CrossFit style workouts 3x a week. Better to take a week or so off or should I keep at it? Maybe just do lighter workouts?

          Thanks all!
          Get a good baby carrier and go for walks with your newborn when you're home so your wife can nap/rest/recuperate/do whatever she needs to house-wise. This will promote bonding between you and baby, give you low-intensity cardio, calm the baby down, and be a good help to your wife .
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            Not to be a big meanie, but for the next four weeks, be the world's best daddy & make sure your wife is getting the best nutrition possible. If she's breastfeeding, what benefits her, benefits your daughter. Put your needs very last and worry about mom getting what she needs.
            If your church/community (whoever is bringing you food) has a sign up sheet for meal delivery, you can always request that they bring gluten free meals with lots of veggies.
            When I was pregnant with my daughter, I spent a month freezing meals. So glad I did, because our church did not step up and help us. Hubby was able to come in and throw dinner in the oven for us.
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