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Food additives: E391

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  • Food additives: E391

    I see nobody raised it yet. From wikipedia:

    As a food additive, phytic acid is used as a preservative, as E391.

    And, for the full list of food additives:

    E number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Phytic acid isn't bad for you.

    Cancer Inhibition by Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) and Inositol: From Laboratory to Clinic


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      I know about these researches
      But like everybody else here, I also know that Phytic Acid it isn't too good either, est modus in rebus.
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        Thing is, there are so many additives and substances that are bad for us, that either we need to stop eating processed foods, or do extensive research into the topic. And then there seems to always be research for and against certain things, the results often depending on who is financially backing the research - which is something that needs to be taken into account.

        Then there are individual sensitivities (including those afflicted by certain illnesses) to certain substances, some easier to know about than others, that also need to be factored in.

        Plus there are things that are good for you that are also actually bad for you...Simple examples of this are water and air...we need these to survive, but they also poison us, and an overdose of either of these can even kill us.

        Seems like there seldom is a clear cut answer to "Is this substance bad?" - Perhaps a more appropriate question would be "Is this bad for ME?"

        For example: Do I have a condition known to be affected by this substance?, Do I generally feel good when I consume foods with this substance? (Try keeping a diary for a week or two on what foods you are eating, the substances they contain and how you feel, then eliminate foods that contain the substance you wish to test and write how you feel in the diary for another week or two - then compare)

        If you'd rather not consume a particular substance, or it seems controversial, you could also try finding alternatives to a substance that have less or no controversy around them.

        So...Is Phytic acid bad for YOU?