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60 minutes tonight: sugar the deadliest poison

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  • 60 minutes tonight: sugar the deadliest poison

    Fingers crossed it is accurate.

    Last time there was a similar doco feature, it was followed by a regular cooking show competition, where the secret ingredient withwhich the contestants had to make a challenge dish was...sugar. oh yeah, good prgramming choice.

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    Oh yes, I remember that! I was going off at the telly during that particular show (the contestants were in Ingham? Heart of sugar cane country, hence the main ingredient being sugar).

    My 13 yr old, when the ad came on (we were watching the show before it) said 'well, der!' to the promo. I've not quite convinced her wheat is as bad, but I will


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      Yes, that's it!

      smart kid.

      unfortunately, they did not make the connection between affect of sugar and other carbs. So the family they showcased as being a good example sat down to a great barbque meal...with white bread. they also spoke to people who talked about cutting out sugar and now eating whole foods, but didnt get to other forms of sugar...