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    If someone ate
    Originally posted by Leida View Post
    2 cups of honey dew and a nectarine and 2 pieces of hard candy left from x-mas

    Could you honestly look them in the face and say, you f-head, you must now

    Originally posted by Leida View Post
    Dump all 8 lbs of ankle weights for microloading the bar in the afternoon workout and the rest of the gear in the backpack and walk today to the bus instead of taking a car. And then walk back up hill from the gym after the workout with all the gear to be atoned.

    Hopefully JimHensen won't see this... but I just came home from an OA meeting and one of the pieces read was about learning to treat yourself as you would treat others. Not trying to start trouble here but I just feel bad that you are so down on yourself for eating some melon and 2 candies... If you would tell someone they must do what you are now doing then, by all means, go ahead and atone. But if maybe, just maybe, you are self-flogging for no good reason, could you possibly just chalk this up to having some tasty melon and move on?

    I bet the lack of stress hormones from just letting go might be better for you that walking up that hill
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      Yes, you are 100% right because i did not really give the whole picture. I was very lax in the past 2 months, basically relaxing and 'starting over' tomorrow, and 'it's Okay, no biggie' and I am just fed up with my own lack of focus. I said I'd do what it takes/anything to achieve this and that... and when it turns out that all I need to make is a tiny adjustment (in my case just drop sugar), and I don't do it... carrot obviously stopped cutting it, so some kind of memorable consequences just gotta be introduced, and if they are kick-ass consequences, so much the better. If i don't do something positive, I'd just dwell on the silly pieces of melon. Once I decided to act, I can move on and forget about it - and hopefully catch myself in time next time.
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      When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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