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shameless cry for personalized leptin recommendations...(yes,!)

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  • shameless cry for personalized leptin recommendations...(yes,!)

    i have researched leptin resets in the past and dismissed the idea because i'm not overweight. i am reconsidering as it may improve some crappy symptoms. these include:

    -low energy
    -severe pms/hormonal fluctuations
    -10-15 vanity pounds (can only perform limited types of exercise due to hip injury)
    -hip pain 8 months post-arthroscopic surgery that does not improve with PT, cortisone injections, etc.

    i have been 80% primal for two years. i have been closer to 100% for the last year, with the exception of the occasional makers and water or laproaig 15 yr. grok so would have partaken. i am past the sugar cravings and usually follow my hunger for meals. i intuitively eat brunch around 10 or 11 am and crave bacon, eggs and coffee with heavy cream. i do have a "snack" (NAUGHTY word, apparently) midday. usually a handful of berries and 1/2 cup total fage yogurt. dinner is a steak, ribs, fish, or some other heafty protein portion with a side of veg. occasional sweet potato, though typically a big-ass salad or low-glycemic veg with plenty of grassfed butter.

    primal keeps my cravings in check fantastically, but i have never felt the energy-surge so many ppl post of. i have always struggled in this area live in lethargic land. and i'm about ready to have my female organs pulled from my loins because of the hormonal hassel. did i mention i'm 29?

    CW: 145
    Weight when I can crossfit and lift as nature intended: upper 130's with much more muscle (miss the guns)

    i have been fishing through forums for weeks and would really appreciate the input of someone who has perhaps been in a similar place in their primal journey. does a leptin reset really make that big of a difference in any of these areas? i'm not usually hungry when i wake so it would take some adjustment.

    i just started CT and will report the results after completing the 8-week protocol i am journaling. also, i am seeing a primal doc next week to check T3 and T4. TSH is always in "normal" range. i tell the docs they wouldn't dare imply my hormones are in a "normal" range if they had to meet me face-to-face on choice days of the luteal phase of my menstrual cycle...::BARK!!::
    this wounded bear is gonna find ALL the, reveal thyself!!