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Healing an injury through nutrition

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  • Healing an injury through nutrition

    To make a long story short, I separated my AC Joint in the shoulder (Grade 2, one ligament ruptured) about 6 months ago.

    Here I am today still experiencing pain. Still can't do sprints without the bad aching, I definitely CANNOT do heavy lifting (or even light) of any sort with my upper body without pain. Doc says no surgery required, just do rehab and will possibly give me a steroid shot if I'm still having problems (side note: anyone give insight on these shots? are they bad?). He showed me the MRI and showed me that the joint was still quite inflamed.

    I've read up a good bunch on this site, and anti-inflammatory foods in general. Omega 3's, Vitamin A, yadda yadda. I just ask for some tips, advice, etc. from you guys. Has anyone found that switching to primal really helped them recover from chronic injury pain? I've read good things about things like arthritis, but not much on an actual acute injury. Any specific foods to focus on? Foods to stay away from? Anything else I could do (active release therapy, things like that?)

    It really drains on me not being able to sprint and lift heavy things. I'm really big and motivated into this stuff and having to sit on the sidelines sucks. It's been 6 months with pain and I would like to minimize the time left before I can get back into the swing of things again. I do stick to a very clean diet most of the time, but there are also days or meals where I completely screw up. I get it, it happens, but I'm looking to cut that out if it means getting back into the gym sooner.

    Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to not be broken the rest of my life.

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    Doug? Is that you?

    You want bone broth made from knees and other joints. Plenty of it. And other sources of whole animals like oysters, sardines, organ meats etc. Provide your body with as much of the bodies of other animals as you can, to give it the building blocks it needs. And load up on anti-inflammatory foods like herbs, teas, etc.
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      I need to step up my game. I've been looking for local farmers that do grass fed meat that I can pick up somewhere. My immediate area is rather shabby at all that. I currently just eat muscle meat, full fat and everything of course, and sardines.

      I'll have to look into this bone broth as well.


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        You may have already seen this... Joint Health | Glucosamine | Chondroitin Sulfate | MSM | DMSO


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          i need advice with this, also. i had to have a hip arthroscopy after 18 yrs of ballet, 7 yrs of yoga, and a late 20's introduction to crossfit/long distance running on an already inflammed and hypermobile joint. crossfitted and had been primal for 2 years at the time of surgery, late october of last year, and can't seem to heal. i can't even ride a recumbent bike without days of soreness and difficulty walking. i miss heavy weights and sprinting DESPERATELY and totally feel your pain, primal brother.

          doc finally talked me into a cortisone improvement. for now, i'm doing limited yoga and walks at the dog park. i've leaned out a TON. hate it. want my beast back. correction: i will GET my beast back.

          my interest in cold thermogenesis has me finally registered with MDA. look fwd to suggestions. so many knowledgeable folk here. thanks for posting and good luck!
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            Good read js290. Helps put knowledge behind the subject.

            I wonder how cold thermogenesis will help as well. I've started taking cold showers and noticed mood benefits and less muscle soreness. Hopefully with continuance I'll see a reduction in pain. I feel the same way though.. leaning out sucks (especially being a dude). Beast mode is a must.