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Heartpain and Hiccups

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  • Heartpain and Hiccups

    Iíve started eating primal about 4 weeks ago.
    I recognized some sort of heart pain ,palpitations and that I have the hiccups more often. Is this usual?

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    I think it's fairly common to discover that you're lacking in certain nutrients when you go primal. Processed stuff is so doctored with added nutrients that when we remove it from our diet we notice things like this. Our Primal diets should provide everything we need but due to poor farming practices the soils are depleted so veggies don't have everything they should. I find I get more hiccups (the ones deep in the chest that drinking water or holding breath do nothing for), eye twitches and muscle spasms when I quit taking my magnesium supplement for awhile. I also try to eat potassium rich foods occasionally. Try adding a magnesium supplement for awhile - I take the malate form since it's easier on my digestive tract and make sure you're getting potassium in your diet.