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    Just started Paleo/Primal and I'm having trouble with breakfast. I HATE EGGS, I know that it is the go to food for Primal, but I don't like them. I work 12 hour days with a 2 hour commute and I need some breakfast ideas on a complete meal. I was making the blueberry mango muffins and have bacon with it, but I forgot about a fat. I'm also trying to loss weight and don't think muffins even Paleo ones is the best thing I can do in the morning. I do my prep work on Sundays for the week so anything I can make ahead would work........

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    Queue the primal "non-breakfast" breakfast posts....
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      You are welcome to browse my journal for ideas. All items could be boxed and consumed cold.


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        Hmmm... I have a few ideas, but it depends.

        How restrictive are you being with your carbs?
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          I just don't eat breakfast. Works for me.


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            Originally posted by corileon View Post
            I HATE EGGS
            bacon or ham, kippers, fried liver or kidneys, cold smoked fish, cold sliced beef, potted shrimps.

            Those are all highly traditional breakfast dishes, but otherwise any left-overs would do.

            Primalize it by adding a steamed vegetable, or some sauerkraut, or a small salad. You could have a small piece of fruit as well.

            "Forgot the fat"? Well, put some olive oil or butter on your vegetable or salad. If you don't avoid dairy products you could add heavy cream to your coffee or to a dish of berries. And you can always eat some avocado or a handful of nuts to up the fat content of the meal.


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              one serving a day. I will have one serving of fruit or a sweet potato, never both.


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                *My obligatory intro

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                  I have always needed a high-protein breakfast, and eggs just don't have enough for me (unless I make steak and eggs), so for many years my standard breakfast has been either tuna or salmon 'salad' (just a little chopped celery and mayo).

                  I will sometimes make myself a turkey or bison burger for breakfast, but then I top it with a fried egg (because I love eggs), but they're fine without the egg, too.


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                    Jerky and nuts, or an avocado with pepper and crumbled bacon on top.


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                      Chicken and a salad. Steak and veggies. Fish, cottage cheese and chick peas with a healthy dressing. Basically anything you would eat at any other meal. Breakfast doesn't have to be any kind of traditional foods. Why make it any different to any other meal?
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