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Do I have a problem with wheat?

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  • Do I have a problem with wheat?

    My husband and I have been at this Primal thing for a bit over a fortnight now. At the weekend we had some friends round and my husband used that as an excuse to make home-made pasta. I was expecting to maybe have some gut discomfort or a bit of weight gain. I was not expecting to get out of bed about an hour after going to sleep, go to the bathroom and poo, followed by throwing up, followed by more poo.

    HE was absolutely fine. (I suspect this is because he's been taking probiotics and extra digestive enzymes to cure some problems from bread he was having before we started Primal.) I don't know how the friends were, so I can't quite dismiss the possibility of food poisoning. (How do you ask that question? 'Did we make you horribly ill the other day?') But it's made me rather suspicious of wheat. Could it just be an unaccustomedly large dose of carbs? would that happen only two weeks in?

    I have never knowingly had any food sensitivities in my life, so this is a little disturbing to me. But I gather wheat is quite nasty for a lot of people. There are a few remaining trace sources of wheat in our diet: soy sauce, sausages with breadcrumbs in, Communion wafer on Sundays. How much effort should I go to to remove them?

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    Since you've never reacted to wheat in the past, and know know that you still have trace amounts of wheat in your diet, I'd hazard a guess that wheat isn't to solely to blame. It could be the carb overload....all that fermentation happening, probably with a rich meal sitting on top of it...maybe some alcohol...the only way to know for sure is to clean up your diet for a couple of weeks and try it again. If you dare

    I can say for myself that once I cut out grains, I can feel the effects of them now when I do indulge. Its nothing like you described, but I do feel the blood sugar rush, the bloating, the carb hangover, etc.
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      It's possible that you do. The longer I observe my own reactions to certain foods and listen to other people's stories, the more I am convinced that far more people have problems with wheat than we realize. I haven't had quite as violent a reaction as you, but I have noticed that I'm pretty uncomfortable if I splurge on something with wheat in it. A couple weeks ago I had cake at work for a friend's birthday, and went home with a migraine. Could have been a coincidence, or could have been the wheat flour.

      Of course it also could very well have been food poisoning. You won't know for sure unless you try eating wheat again... but it sounds like you're probably better off just staying away.


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        Food poisoning typically takes 8 hours to cause problems. I'd assume it was the wheat. Or you have a bug unrelated to food.
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          Maybe wheat has a problem with you. Regardless, there's nothing good in wheat that you can't get better quantities and forms of from proper human foods. And there are several things that are harmful whether you get the shits or not from them (gluten, phytates, lectins, let's-not-debate-complex-carbohydrates).

          So put it on the avoid list either way and everybody wins (except Cargill/Monsanto/ADM)
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            It's certainly possibly- wheat destroys some people I went primal with, and roughs me up pretty good (depending on the amount).
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