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A challenge - primal after-game 'snacks' for baseball team (10-11 yr olds)

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  • A challenge - primal after-game 'snacks' for baseball team (10-11 yr olds)

    My son has been playing baseball since he was 4, and the normal routine for the season is that each parent takes turns bringing a snack and drink for the team, and this is handed out to kids after the game is over. This happens at least twice a week for a month and a half in the summer.

    I would say the majority of the snacks over the years have been pretty bad - cookies, chips, those little plastic barrels filled with some sort of colored who-knows-what beverage. Pre-primal the best we could come up with when it was our turn was 100% juice and something like Cheez-Its (less sugar than cookies or 'fruit snacks' which are related to fruit about as much as I am related to Marilyn Monroe).

    Luckily for me my kiddo has been known to have issues with food coloring so he knows that some of these snacks he can't have (cheetos, doritos, evil fruit-juice impersonating beverages) and he is ok with that. He knows if he eats them he will get a migraine! But, I think there has to be a way to do better.

    I'm looking for suggestions, but the normal lunchbox fillers we send with the primal kids lunches are probably not quite right here. It needs to be held in the hand and quick/easy to eat, not be something so out of the ordinary that the kids won't eat it, and palatable for a typical 10-11 year old boy. It also needs to be prepared ahead of time and eaten cold or room temp. (See why oreos are so popular??). I hate for my kiddo to have all that sugar so close to bedtime, and twice a week. And just giving him something primal while the other kiddos get 'fun' food seems sort of unfair. I want him to WANT to eat the primal foods, but by forcing it on him it will only make him negative about eating this way.

    I digress.... any awesome ideas about a yummy snack? Cheese and salami?

    It's also possible I am trying to correct a nearly impossible situation, and I need to let it go.... so don't be shy about telling me to get a life and let the snacks be the '20' part of the 80/20.

    Fire away....

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    I can get the giant boxes of cheese strings at costco, so i would hand those out, and dried fruit baggies, something fun like dried coconut (I can get the big chunks at my hfs), dried cherries and dried mango.
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      I was suprised when my son's teammates turned their noses up at Kashi granola bars! They even had chocolate chips in them! Have you googled a recipe for homemade Lara bars? Or maybe baggies of trailmix? (you could put a rogue m & m in there, too. )


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        Trail mix (coconut, dried fruit, cacao nibs) and coconut water. Beef jerky, homemade cheese crackers, energy balls. String cheese or homemade bars are also good ideas.
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          String cheese is a great idea! I haven't been eating much of it lately, so it didn't immediately spring to mind. I have to figure out first which brands are worth getting... I am a little picky about string cheese, having grown up with the real Wisconsin version. The last batch I bought at Wal-Mart last time (Sargento maybe?) tasted like plastic and got tossed out.

          I thought about coconut water, but it's too expensive for the whole crew, plus I really wasn't sure the kids would drink it - I know I have a hard time with the flavor. DS drinks the V-8 Fusion with no sugar added (we spent 20 minutes checking all the versions and actually found one with no sugar or fake sugar) and this might be an acceptable alternative to sugar-laden frankenjuice in those little barrels.

          Any good recipes for the homemade cheese crackers?


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            Party food springs to mind for me.

            Cocktail sticks with cheese and pineapple on, cocktail sausages that sort of thing.


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              Orange slices are a kids soccer favorite.


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                We coach/ team mom our son's teams and I send out an email at the beginning of the season requesting healthy snacks and a list of ideas. I always have a few parents who cop and attitude about it and tell them it is just a request, but most are pretty compliant. On our days I did bottled water, string cheese, and those freeze dried packs of fruit they sell at Costco. Some of the kids refused them until I told them it was astronaut food. At any rate when I was a kid we got orange slices or an apple after games, why all the crap nowadays after exercising no less? My list of ideas (not all primal since this is for the whole team)
                granola bars, fruit leathers, fresh fruit, carrot sticks with or without dip, crackers and cheese, string cheese, dried fruit, trail mix, 100% juice or water


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                  one parent made skewers of kiwi and string cheese cut into bite size pieces. They were a huge hit and really tasty!


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                    100-calorie-packs of almonds.
                    "Breakfast on the go" packets of granola.
                    Small cans of pre-made Tuna salad.
                    Or if you really want to go for the gusto: pre-wrapped squares of Ghiardelli 72% chocolate (although, that works with girls better than boyz).
                    Beverage: Bottles of no-calories flavored seltzer water. In a pinch, Gatorade with less sugar.
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                      Originally posted by jimhensen View Post
                      Orange slices are a kids soccer favorite.
                      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                        Water, beef jerkey, home made trail mix, fruit, veggies...
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                          Watermelon? Duh.


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                            apple slices with cheese or almond butter, baby carrots lightly glazed in honey and rolled in toasted almonds, watermellon, kale chips with buffalo chicken, chicken wings, you can prepare full fat yogurt cups with nuts and berries and leave them in a bed of ice, or cooler. Motzarella and little sausage or chicken balls on a toothpick, applegate 100% grass-fed hot dogs cut up on a toothpick dip them into almond flour batter and bake them primal corn dogs, and as always, filet mignon...kidding