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  • Lean Gains and Eat Stop Eat

    Anyone do a hybrid of these two? I have been doing LG since the start of the year and as I get close to my goal, I find switching over to Eat Stop Eat makes it pretty easy to slip into maintenance mode. My eating routine is pretty set on 16/8 but I find throwing in a dinner to dinner fast on Monday's to work pretty well. I think I will transition to Eat Stop Eat completely in the up coming weeks.

    Thoughts? Anecdotes? Jokes?
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    Yes, hybrid approach is fine. I will routinely thrown in a 24 in addition to my 16/8s once a week or so.

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      This is basically what I do, most days, a 8/16 with a 24 hour fast tossed in here and there. The 24 hour fasts usually aren't planned - they happen once every week or two, usually when my appetite is low and I could just as easily eat as not. Overall, I think it can be a great approach.


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        I'm actually fasting everyday until dinnertime, like 6 pm most of the week. I think the better advice is to fill the day with stuff you love doing so the time goes fast as hell Personally, it helped me a lot with focusing on my homework for school, and I had pimples on my back. They're all gone. Also, i don't get sick anymore. People can cough in my face, I won't get it lol I started my blog yesterday guys and as a great reader of Mark's Daily Apple ( i just signed up for the forum today though, I know that's bad haha) I would like to have your opinion or comments on it. There not much content yet but it will come, just give me some time So here is the link, I'm just looking to make things move a little bit. PERFECT BODY REVIEW You Deserve Your Dream Body PERFECT BODY REVIEW


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          Just now seeing this and downloaded it, but haven't read it yet, but wanted to say Thanks!
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