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    I am a big guy 6'4" 300lbs and I just started doing Paleo zone (after doing straight paleo for about 2 months to get ready for the zone approach). I picked the block count for a small female - basically 10 blocks a day - 2blocks per fat/protein/carb for all 3 meals and 2 snacks. I feel a little hungry but not too bad and even 10 Blocks is still a lot of food. I eat mostly fish and spinach with some almond butter thrown in for fats (at least the last 3 days).

    I don't plan on maintaining at 10 blocks but I want to "healthily" (which may be incorrect) drop fat quickly. My questions is - is it "unhealthy" to go at 10 blocks only when my size and stature says I should be at 20 blocks? I started doing Paleo zone when I kind of plateaued at 300lbs (I started Paleo at about 335lbs).

    My wife thinks I'm nuts for doing it (both Paleo and Zone) - so I wanted to get some advice. I don't really have a target weight, I have a target waist - started at 46 I think I can get down to a 34 in time. Plus I want to fold in Primal fitness / Crossfit when I get to 260lbs - that's my goal at any rate. I guess ultimately - I'd like to get sub 220 and fit (doing muscle-ups and what not) - I know I have a long way to go.

    Thanks for any advice.


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    I have no idea what Paleo zone is, and I'm super lazy to open a new tab and Google it, but if they say you should do a 20 block thingy, then do a 20 block thing. I started eating Primal April 12th, (6'4" 225lbs) and I have lost 30lbs since then. (195lbs... still 6'4") I just eliminated refined sugar and grains, I eat as much veggies and fruit as I want, lots of fat, and a modest amount of protein. And I'm on my feet for at least 8 hours a day moving around with work stuff, less than the MaxHR Primal recommends, but moving nonetheless. Good luck, stick with it!
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      I plateaued for 3 weeks in the 300-295 range and I guess I got kind of frustrated - I didn't feel like I was eating that much - eating when I was hungry with grass-fed organic beef and leafy greens and avocados (for fats) but I wasn't losing anymore weight - so I wanted to kick it up a notch but still maintain Paleo functionality.

      At any rate, I appreciate the advice I may dump the 10 blocks and go up to 18 or so - I don't want my body to go into starvation mode.


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        I wouldn't make changes after just a 3 week stretch with no weight loss. Many people find that they lose weight is "whooshes" with little weight loss for weeks and then a few lbs suddenly. It is also possible to lose inches without losing weight.
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          I did the Zone diet for a few months when I was trying to lose weight. I'm an average size female and I was eating 13 blocks. Yes you get to eat a ton of veggies but not a whole lot of protein and hardly any fat. I was hungry!! I did the math and found out I was eating about 1,300 calories. 10 blocks is even less than that. Not a good idea for a man IMO.


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            Hey Colin - check out this lady Julianne's Paleo & Zone Nutrition She has a great blog, and knows her stuff. Tell her I sent you, lol.
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              Originally posted by ColinSc View Post
              My wife thinks I'm nuts for doing it...
              I would tend to agree. You are not approaching this in a healthy or sustainable manner.


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                I wasn't planning on sustaining on 10 blocks, just starting there for a month or two then shifting back into my normal zone blocks. However given the response - I've dumped this plan - I haven't yet decided which way I am going yet though. I am sticking with Paleo zone (I think I was eating too much on strict Paleo - I *love* avocados) but I will modify the block size until i find something that works for me. I will also start folding in Primal fitness now - I did the sprints yesterday - was pretty intense!