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    as stated,you're over thinking a non issue. there may be "agricultural" fed deer. where i hunt and i think most deer comes from,you are going to get maybe 30% of food from farms/bait and 70% from "natural" feed. even if the deer get into crops,that isn't going to yield the same outcome as feed lot cattle. they aren't eating ready to eat crops for 365. organ meat? had elk heart 35 years ago. it was wonderful. venison liver is the only kind i like at all. haven't had any from grass fed sheep,goat,cattle liver so can't compare that to store bought liver.


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      in LA and ARK if we didn't "bait" deer there would be skinny dying deer everywhere cause around here they breed like rabbits!
      As far as corn fed deer,well, I not to worried as sure it might change there levels a lil like feed lot cows but...balance it right back if extra intake of Omega3's and call it a day in my opinion Also if you already whatch you Omega 6 intake< I do then ratio wise it all good I would think.


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        There are wild deer in the UK but I think only farmers are allowed to shoot those if they are eating crops. There used to be staghound packs on Exmoor, but hunting with dogs is banned now.

        The fast majority of deer are either (a) deer raised on huge estates where they live wild within the landowner's land and are shot for sport primarily or (b) raised on farms for meat (venison) (c) decorative herds ie living in royal parks.

        You can't just get a gun license and go out in the countryside taking pot-shots so the problem of corn-fed wild deer isn't a big one here.

        We do now have wild boar here being farmed and actual wild boars. I think you are allowed to shoot wild boars and rabbits on private property with the landowner's permission AFAIK. For grey squirrels you have to have a license. There are no wild turkeys in the UK. Pheasants, partridges and grouse are raised for sport by landowners. The first two can be found in supermarkets and are reared on farms too now.

        CAFOs don't exist in the UK.
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          I had my hubby slice open the deer's stomach last fall because I feared it was piled full of corn. While there were SOME corn flecks in there, it was predominately grasses and such!
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