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    Hi Everybody,
    I am new to the primal living and am grappling with a few basics as yet. I eat only eggs, chicken, cheese and other milk products for my protein needs..hence it is very limiting for me. I am trying to loose weight too. So far it has worked for me...i have lost 8 kgs in 2 months. Now I have reached a plateau and hence started to monitor my diet.

    It would be very helpful if anybody could tell me if i am going wrong with my carb and protein intake.

    I average around
    • 80-90 gms carb
    • 60-80 gms protein
    • 40 gms fat
    • 1200-1300 calories per day
    • 500 calories of workout per day

    Source of carb per day no processed foods at all... only through veggies milk and fruits.

    I am consciously trying to limit my carb intake to under 80 gms per day as per Marks' advice. But i have seen other primal diet and their protein intake is over 100 gms per day. Will my low protein intake dampen my efforts to loose weight?
    where am i going wrong?

    Kindly advice.

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    Pals, I think you are not eating enough protein. I am no expert on this, but from what I have read and experienced in my life, here is my 2 cents: It looks like you exercise everyday, so you should probably eat about 1 lb. protein per pound of bodyweight. If you are overweight, then eat protein per pound of IDEAL bodyweight. If you want to weigh 150 lbs., then eat 150 g of protein. Also, your fat grams seem a but low, but so does your calorie intake. Maybe you could eat more and get your metabolism up - my humble opinion is you are not eating enough, and your body is conserving fat by not letting you lose weight.
    Another point is: milk keeps some people from losing, and if you read about Primal nutririon, you should be eating MEAT and FISH, not so much milk. Good Luck!


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      Originally posted by HopelessDreamer View Post
      Pals, so you should probably eat about 1 lb. protein per pound of bodyweight. If you are overweight, then eat protein per pound of IDEAL bodyweight.!
      HD means 1 gram protein per pound.


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        Thankyou for your replies.
        I am not sure I can get so much of protein with my limited diet. I feel squeamish after eating fish and other sea food. I try to get as much protein through eggs, milk products and chicken.

        However I have 20 gms of protein powder from is that? Since nutrilite uses Soy protein I am not sure that is good...and hence restrict it to 20 gms. In india there are not ,any pure protein drinks available. Most of them have bulking agents or appetite suppressing agents. Or they are high in Carbs.

        can anyone tell me if there is any other way to increase my protein intake.
        I have PCOS and tend to put on weight in a snap. So i have always been conscious about what I eat. I am insulin resistant Going primal has helped me to lose more without going to the gym.

        That is one of the reasons I try to limit my calorie intake too.


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          Do you eat yogurt? If so, give plain Greek yogurt a try -- one serving can give you more than 20 grams of protein. I perfer the brand Fage, 2% milkfat instead of 0 whenever possible (my stores don't carry the full-fat variety), with fresh strawberries and/or blueberries (and sometimes a banana) mixed in.
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            I'm not sure that they have those brands in india.

            You'll just have to increase your chicken intake, if possible, and do the best you can. But I do agree that you need more protein.


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              Yes Zoebird, you are right...we dont get that in India. But i do have curd (homemade) once in a day. I guess I have to increase my chicken intake and see if that will affect the Weight loss plateau that I have reached. I am apprehensive about increasing my fat content...but i guess i will take a chance and try it out for a month or so. Lets see what happens :-)

              Is nutrilite protein powder a good option... can I have more of that? I currently consume 20 gms of the powder with about I increase it to 40 gms per day ( they claim 8gms per 10gms of powder is protein). My issue is that it uses Soy protein and that as Mark says is not a good option...additionally i am not sure it is ok to have too much of milk too.