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How's your sleep after a fast?

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    sorry, I get hot. I go to bed between 9 & 10. Pretty much right to sleep if DH leaves me alone. Almost like clock work, at 2am I get hot. Not sure how many I have but each one does not last very long. I do not think it is menopause. If I have been active during the day, I can usually go back to sleep.

    Sometimes I get hot after I eat too, however either I dont do that as much anymore, or else I am just getting use to it so I dont notice. I think I still do. I am getting hot now, and I ate a little something maybe an hour ago.
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      I sleep much better on an empty stomach.


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        i can't sleep on an empty stomach, even if i don't necessarily feel the hunger.
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          I'm also old enough now to know that all worries and all decisions made at 3am are bogus.

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