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  • Thoughts on a diet

    I have a friend who has approached me asking for help with her diet, she wants to drop some weight. Her stats are 5'5 and 215lbs. What should I start her out on BWx10, 11, 12? What F,P,C ratio? She's doing a full body WO 3x a week right now. Any suggestions would be helpful as I would really like to see her succeed.

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    As much veggies and fruit as she wants, moderate meat, and lots of fat.
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      I would recommend that she start just by reading the information and see if she is convinced. otherwise, it's just another 'diet' and she's handing over her authority to you and whatever you create.

      the help that you can best provide is support in her changes, the way this forum works really. You can talk about the material, provide suggestions, etc. But beyond that, which ratios, which work outs, and everything else is up to her.


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        Best advice I can think of is simply to say that wheat is out of the equation from now on. Add to that no processed foods and a lot of people would find it hard NOT to lose weight. It's usually processed foods and condiments that are the culprit.
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          "nose right scam" is your signature?
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